Sending subpoenas and deliveries of NASAMAS air defense systems – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on September 27

Ilya Koshelev/ via The international edition of the Federal News Agency has collected the most widespread fakes about the Russian operation in Ukraine on September 27. Sending subpoenas Citizens of the Russian Federation who have fallen under partial mobilization find summonses from the military registration and enlistment offices and lists of things that you … Read more

The US Armed Forces tested “revolutionary” combat robots with Javelin anti-tank systems

The publication says that these machines will revolutionize ground combat. It is noted that at one of the bases of the US Armed Forces, during tests, prototypes of robots hit targets with missiles and fire from heavy machine guns. According to available information, RCV-L robotic platforms can be used to patrol dangerous areas. Robots are … Read more

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation received a batch of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A Solntsepek

Recall that TOS-1A has no foreign analogues. The system has a package of guides for launching unguided rockets with a thermobaric warhead. This ammunition allows you to eject fuel in the form of an aerosol, which forms a cloud. Subsequently, it detonates, creating an explosion with a powerful shock wave. .

The Pentagon found it difficult to respond to reports about the transfer of NASAMS systems to Ukraine

The agency noted that at the moment it cannot confirm or refute Zelensky’s statements. At the same time, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said earlier that NASAMS complexes would be transferred to Ukraine within two months. .

The command of the Ukrainian Air Force is dissatisfied with the volume of deliveries of American NASAMS air defense systems

Earlier it became known that Kyiv will receive these air defense systems from Washington as part of military assistance. They will help strengthen the defense of the country’s air defense, but it will not work to completely secure the territory. .

The Pentagon plans to transfer two NASAMS air defense systems to Kyiv BY 2.0 The US government expects two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) to be delivered to Ukraine within two months. This statement was made by the press secretary of the Pentagon, Brigadier General of the US Air Force Patrick Ryder. The general is confident that the Pentagon will continue to supply the necessary weapons … Read more

The Pentagon signed a contract for the production of Javelin missile systems for Ukraine

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