Expert Ad-Dabbas: Russian-Ukrainian conflict will determine the future of the international system

Federal news agency US hegemony is in its last days, and Washington needs to adjust its policy towards building new alliances with rising powers. This was told by an Arab researcher and political scientist Khaled al-Dabbas, recalling the words of the former United States national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. “For a long time, American global … Read more

The teacher Khrushchev called the number of circles and sections safe for the child’s nervous system

According to her, all additional classes can be divided into two categories. Some help the child develop their abilities, relax and engage in hobbies. Sections from the second group are aimed at helping in something and developing personal qualities. A large number of such activities can overload the child’s psyche. .

In Nova Kakhovka, the air defense system worked again

The air defense system (air defense) worked in Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region, explosions are heard. This was announced on Saturday, October 1, by the press service of the city administration. “Ukronazis are again shelling the civilian population of Nova Kakhovka. The air defense of the RF Armed Forces is working, ”the administration’s Telegram channel says. … Read more

Air defense system went off in Novaya Kakhovka

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Turkish authorities may create a new bank for cards of the Russian Mir system

According to the director of the Russian-Turkish Business Council, Alexei Egarmin, such a bank will be independent of the influence of Western sanctions. According to him, Turkey can launch a special system that would be based on settlements in the blockchain or closed clearing. .

Turkey may create a credit organization for the Mir system

The media reported that all banks in Turkey stopped accepting Mir cards. Turkey, as an alternative, can offer the creation of a new bank to work with cards of the Russian payment system “Mir”. This was announced to Izvestia by the director of the Russian-Turkish Business Council (RTBC) Alexei Yegarmin. On September 27, Bloomberg, citing … Read more

The expert assessed the possibility of creating an alternative payment system in Turkey

Turkish banks will probably look for ways to keep tourists from the Russian Federation a comfortable way to pay for services. For this solution, it is possible both to develop an alternative payment system with the subsequent issuance of co-badged cards, and to issue our own cards connected to the national payment card system (NSPK), … Read more