Swiss court fines three members of Pussy Riot for graffiti on the wall of a private house

Three members of the controversial punk rock band Pussy Riot have been convicted in Switzerland for painting graffiti on the wall of a private house. The girls were fined. This was told by the prosecutor of Bern in an interview with RIA Novosti. .

Swiss companies: working more at night against energy crisis

Swiss industrial companies think that working more at night and on weekends could help with the energy crisis. During the day, energy consumption is higher and by working more nights and weekends, energy shortages can be prevented at peak times. The idea comes from Swissmem, the Swiss trade association for the mechanical and electrical industry. … Read more

The Swiss company Logitech announced its withdrawal from the Russian Federation

The Swiss company Logitech on Monday, August 29, announced that it was leaving the Russian market, but expressed hope for a return. On August 29, a member of the company’s press service, Ben Starkey, told RIA Novosti about this. “Following the suspension of deliveries to Russia earlier this year, we have continued to monitor the … Read more

Swiss politician Blocher accused Bern of interfering in the Ukrainian conflict

The United States and the European Union are arming Ukraine with the support of “neutral” Switzerland, he said. This makes Bern guilty of the deaths of Russian soldiers. Among other things, the country’s authorities supported sanctions against the Russian Federation, which is also a virtual rejection of neutrality. .

The Swiss authorities adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, including the embargo on gold

The Swiss authorities have imposed additional restrictions on Russia as part of the seventh round of European Union (EU) sanctions. The corresponding statement was published on the government website on Wednesday, August 3. “The new measures primarily relate to a ban on the purchase, import or transportation of gold and products from it from Russia. … Read more

Swiss politician Martullo-Blocher called on the EU to negotiate with Putin on the issue of gas

According to the Swiss politician, European leaders need to recognize their dependence on blue fuel from Russia instead of adding fuel to the fire of the crisis. Martullo-Blocher noted that it is important for Brussels to agree with Putin on stable gas supplies at least until the spring of 2023. .