Surviving tourists told about what happened on the Klyuchevskoy volcano Participants in the deadly ascent of the Klyuchevskoy Volcano split up after the deterioration of the health of two tourists. This is reported by the Baza Telegram channel. Shortly before the start of the assault exit, tourists Anastasia Usacheva and Roman Averin suddenly became ill. Guide Ivan Alabugin decided to take them down, as … Read more

Rescuers showed footage of the evacuation of surviving tourists on Klyuchevskoy volcano

On the eve of the rescuers managed to find the missing tourists and climb to a height of 3300 meters, and then start the evacuation. It is noted that one of the rescued fell into the hands of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with frostbite of the limbs, reports REN TV. .

Rescuers reached the surviving tourists on the Klyuchevskoy volcano

The group of tourists who climbed the Klyuchevskoy Volcano on August 30 included 12 people. On Saturday, it was reported that, preliminary, five tourists died in a fall from a height. On Monday evening, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced that a total of nine members of the group had died. .

A surviving prisoner of war spoke about the strike of the VFU on the colony in Yelenovka

The surviving prisoner of war told Izvestia correspondent Alexander Safiullin on July 29 about the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VFU) on the colony in Yelenovka. “The arrival was strong, powerful, everything began to burn. We began to get out, if possible, got out. When I first arrived, they took me to another … Read more

In Germany, they reported the impossibility of surviving the winter without Russian gas

The head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, said that existing gas reserves would not be enough to survive the winter without supplies from Russia. He stated this on July 16 in an interview with Bild am Sontag. “Gas storage tanks are almost 65% full. This is better than in previous weeks, but still … Read more

The gray zone of Donbass: trench webs, dugouts with lard and “robinsons” surviving outside of civilization

Federal News Agency / Ksenia Skoda At the entrance to the village of Kominternovo (DPR) there is an information board with the inscription: “Beware, you are entering the combat zone.” For all eight years, this settlement was in the buffer, that is, the gray zone, where hostilities were fought. The positions of the Ukrainian military … Read more

Kiva announced a “surprise” for Zelensky from a surviving anti-fascist

The former Ukrainian parliamentarian in his Telegram channel also spoke about one of the members of the Ukrainian movement “Patriots for Life”, who “miraculously” escaped from the militants of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The latter, in turn, kidnapped the activist and later executed his comrades. According to Kiva, next week people will learn … Read more

Air tickets went on the “Mir” // What will you have to pay for a flight from Russia

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Russians to fly abroad even on surviving flights. It is very difficult to pay for tickets online, the Mir system, even if its cards are accepted, does not always work. Ticket and travel agencies report that foreign carriers are also rejecting their payments due to currency differences and bank … Read more