The survey showed the attitude of parents to the ban on the use of phones in the classroom

81% of Russian parents support the ban of the Russian Ministry of Education on the use of mobile phones in the classroom. These are the results of a survey by the educational company MAXIMUM Education, which Izvestia has at its disposal. They pointed out that gadgets interfere with the learning process. At the same time, … Read more

Dermatologist Grishina advised to check the condition of moles after returning from vacation / Freepik Company S.L. If the vacation was associated with frequent exposure to the sun, then upon returning it is necessary to check the condition of the moles. This will help not to miss the development of melanoma, warned dermatologist Natela Grishina. You can also examine the skin yourself, the specialist noted. A healthy … Read more

The survey showed the unwillingness of Russians to change to right-hand drive cars

The media found out that Russian motorists are not ready to switch to used right-hand drive cars. The opinion of car owners on this matter was summed up on August 17 by the auto portal Quto ru. Buying a car because of the ruble exchange rate at auctions in Japan has become profitable, but not … Read more

Every third person tried to become an entrepreneur // Monitoring of business activity

Survey data from Ipsos, a market research firm, shows an increase in entrepreneurial activity around the world. One third of respondents (a total of 21,000 people surveyed in 26 countries) reported having entrepreneurial experience. The same number are ready to start their own business in the next two years. The share of people interested in … Read more

Personnel and employers have decided in doubts // Monitoring of the labor market

Russian employers are not sure how their business will develop until the end of 2022, and cannot yet determine a short-term personnel strategy. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the study of the recruitment company Ventra “Labor Market Challenges 2022: the view of employees and employers.” As follows from the results of the survey … Read more

The SME sector is adapting to the new reality // Monitoring of business activity

New data on business activity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) showed an improvement in sentiment in this sector. Based on a survey of 1.8 thousand companies, the RSBI index (determined by the study of PSB, Opora Rossii and Magram Market Research) rose from 48.4 points in May to 50.5 points in June. In contrast … Read more

OP conducts a survey of Ukrainian entrepreneurs

OP conducts a survey of Ukrainian entrepreneurs 06/28/2022 13:16 Ukrinform The Office of the President announced a survey among Ukrainian business representatives about the current situation and needs. The OP reports this in Facebookreports Ukrinform. “The Office of the President of Ukraine is launching a survey of Ukrainian business representatives. It is very important for … Read more

Worse than the coronavirus pandemic // What worries the heads of the largest companies

Technological and social issues worry top managers much more than the pandemic and the temporary business difficulties associated with it, according to a survey by Alix Partners of 3,000 leaders of firms with revenues of more than $100 million in ten industries from nine countries (including the United States, China). , Germany and Japan). The … Read more