North Caucasian Muslims urged to supplement the list of non-judicial religious literature ‘Florstein’ Fedorov/CC BY-SA 4.0 The North Caucasian Muftiate took the initiative to increase the list of religious literature that cannot be recognized as extremist material. This is stated in the statement of the Coordinating Center of Muslims of the North Caucasus. The Muftiyat considers it necessary to recognize original commentaries and interpretations of the … Read more

The nutritionist pointed out the uselessness of chlorophyll in the form of a dietary supplement

Popular among healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, chlorophyll used to make drinks and smoothies is absolutely useless for human health. Elena Sviridova, nutritionist of the Grow Food delivery service, told about this. “It is believed that chlorophyll stimulates digestion, disinfects the blood, strengthens the immune system and even prevents cancer,” Gazeta.Ru quotes her. But there is no … Read more

The Ministry of Agriculture rehabilitates the queen of the fields // Monitoring of corn

Restrictions on external supplies revealed a noticeable dependence on imports not only of industry, but also of the Russian agro-industrial complex. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural producers use no more than 37% of seeds of domestic selection. The department published on a draft government decree amending the scientific and technical program for … Read more

All-round defense against conventional units // It is not yet possible to remove exchange rate risks from the Russian economy

The significant dependence of the Russian economy on imports has confronted the government with the problem of taking import prices into account in government purchases and trade under conditions of largely artificial exchange rates. The White House is discussing two bills that prohibit tying contract prices on the domestic market to currencies and international indices. … Read more

Alternative convertible // The Central Bank and the government supplement the new financial regime with elements of deterrence

The rapid transition to a new capital control regime continues. From today, the Bank of Russia has limited the conversion of funds of individuals in foreign currency accounts – until September 9, no more than $10,000 can be withdrawn from them in foreign currency, the sale of cash currency by banks has been stopped. The … Read more

REO proposed to supplement the list of goods subject to processing with toys

Moscow, 5 February. Goods are included in the list to be recycled based on the material and the duration of the decomposition period. The existing list should be supplemented with toys and furniture, the Russian environmental operator said. Proposals for expanding the list were prepared by the REO together with the Ministry of Natural Resources … Read more

Pension fund reminded of the pension supplement for agricultural workers

Pensioners from villages can receive an increased pension with 30 years of experience in agriculture, the Russian Pension Fund recalled. They are entitled to a 25% supplement to the fixed payment of their insurance pension. The fixed payment from 2022 will be 6.4 thousand rubles. Conditions for receiving the allowance: paid to recipients of an … Read more