Retired Pension Fund // Andrey Kigim leaves PFR before merging with FSS

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Andrey Kigim resigned. The technical work leading up to the forthcoming merger of the PFR and the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), which was previously managed by Mr. Kigim, is largely completed. There is still no answer to the question of what the single Social Fund will … Read more

Putin announced the modest results of projects supervised by Rostec

Projects for the development of end-to-end digital technologies, supervised by the state corporation Rostec, showed modest results. This was announced on Monday, July 18, by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Modest results have been demonstrated in the areas for which Rostec is responsible. I know that colleagues will now say: there is not enough funding, something … Read more

Investigation into attack on composer Alexander Kolker supervised by prosecutors

The prosecutor’s office of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg took control of the investigation of a criminal case initiated on the fact of the attempted murder of composer Alexander Kolker. This was reported on Monday in the head office of the supervisory department of the northern capital. Earlier, the Investigative Committee of the Russian … Read more

Supervised kiosks // Press distributors go bankrupt one by one

The bankruptcy of the press distributor “Aria-AiF” created problems for another large distributor – “Metropress”, which acted as the guarantor of “Aria-AiF” for loans from the bank “Trust”. The bank demanded 2.4 billion rubles from Metropress; by a court decision, supervision was introduced in the company. The shrinking press distribution market worries publishers: Metropress occupies … Read more