Economist Razuvaev suggested what would happen to Lukoil shares after the introduction of the ceiling on oil prices

According to the expert, Russia will not agree to the introduction of a ceiling on oil prices. Even if the ceiling is “comfortable”, soon Western countries will begin to lower it and will soon introduce it for everything, in particular, gas, grain, etc. .

Ombudsman Volynets suggested using mother capital to receive interest on deposits

The Ombudsman named maternity capital as one of them. According to her, after receiving a certificate, many families think about how to correctly invest these funds. In this regard, the Russians do not use them for a long time. Volynets also reminded that citizens can increase their savings by opening a bank deposit. .

Producer Pavel Rudchenko suggested who could replace Yakubovich in the “Field of Miracles”

Global Look Press | Nikolay Titov/Russian Look Promoter Pavel Rudchenko believes that if necessary, TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich in the show “Field of Miracles” can be replaced by his colleague Valdis Pelsh. Since 1991, Yakubovich has been the permanent host of the popular capital show on Channel One. Despite the fact that the People’s Artist … Read more

Nadym activist suggested naming the city’s airport after Viktor Chernomyrdin

Alexander Struchkov CC BY-SA 3.0 Public activist Movlud Bakirov suggested naming the Nadym airport in honor of the first prime minister of the Russian Federation, Viktor Chernomyrdin. Information about this was provided by the Yamal-Media portal. The politician made a great contribution to the development of the Far North. Largely thanks to him, the … Read more

Actress Kalashnikova suggested how much money the infamous Panin lives on

At the same time, in the case of Panin, there is another option, Kalashnikova added. Having apartments in Spain, he can rent them out or engage in real estate. However, this path is very difficult, since the demand for real estate is extremely small. .

Biden suggested checking Musk for cooperation with other countries

US President Joe Biden suggested checking American businessman Elon Musk for connections with other countries. He announced this on November 9th. “I think Musk’s collaboration or technical ties with other countries deserve to be checked to see if he’s doing something inappropriate or not. I suggest that this is worth a look,” Biden said at … Read more

Netizens suggested how Pugacheva maintains a financial position

Recently, the vocalist’s husband, showman Maxim Galkin ✱ (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) posted a video on social networks announcing his upcoming concerts abroad. As it turned out, the Primadonna herself was engaged in filming the video. .