Nutritionist Duval listed the products that negatively affect the condition of the hair

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CAR authorities have developed a set of measures to combat sugar price speculation

The enterprise supported the militants with cash payments and equipment in exchange for the “protection” of the factories. Read more about how Paris destabilizes the situation in the Central African Republic in the material of the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency.

Tambov farmers have started harvesting sugar beets

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In Ukraine, the association of sugar producers announced the shutdown of factories due to gas prices

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MOSCOW, 16 Aug – Ten sugar factories will stop work in Ukraine due to high gas prices, declared by the Ukrainian Association of Sugar Producers “Ukrtsukor” (“Ukrsugar”). “The price of commercial gas offered to enterprises is such that you don’t even have to start the plant because each kilogram of sugar produced on this gas … Read more

Mayo Clinic experts warn about the dangers of soda for the heart and blood vessels Excessive consumption of juices and carbonated drinks accelerates the aging process of the body. This is reported by the Eat This Not That publication, citing a statement from the Mayo Clinic (USA). Medical experts say that a particular danger is the high sugar content in juices and carbonated drinks. According to them, sugar has … Read more

Sports doctor Puriga said that coffee with sugar and milk is equal to a full breakfast Sugar and milk added to coffee equate the drink to a full breakfast, said sports doctor Alexandra Puriga. According to the expert, one teaspoon contains six grams of sugar. Thus, the ingredient adds 24 kilocalories to the drink. The calorie content of milk depends on its fat content. So, 100 grams of a drink … Read more