Agata Muceniece does not want her success to be associated with a divorce from Pavel Priluchny

She did not hide the fact that her show about divorces on the YouTube channel brought popularity and good income, which was built on advertising. Muceniece was pleased as a blogger, but insulting as an actress. Moreover, she divorced Priluchny almost three years ago. .

The head of the peasant farm Anushkevich revealed the main secret of the success of a novice farmer

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko What a novice farmer needs to know, said the head of the peasant economy, the general director of the Research and Production Center, Natalia Anushkevich. The total number of agricultural producers from 2016 to 2021 decreased by almost a third. There were fewer peasant farms. Is it possible for … Read more

Vine doubted the possible success of Little Big in the US without money and connections

Russian artist Yuri Loza was skeptical about the chances of the St. Petersburg musical group Little Big to gain popularity with American listeners. He expressed his opinion to the portal on Tuesday, November 29. According to the singer, the musical group is unlikely to be able to get promoted abroad without well-known producers and … Read more

Journalist Alena Zhigalova ridiculed the success of actress Chulpan Khamatova, who fled to Latvia

Moscow Agency | Sergey Vedyashkin Theater and film actress Chulpan Khamatova still lives in Latvia, where she fled from Russia after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. Journalist Alena Zhigalova spoke about the achievements of a celebrity in this country. Commenting on the award of Khamatova’s title of “Actress of the Year” for … Read more

General Director of the Theater Vakhtangov Kirill Krok told how to combine commercial success with creative achievements

“If tonight in the theater these human emotions get into my heart – I laugh, I cry, I think about life, about time, about what I saw on the stage – then the theater has fulfilled its task. This is the secret of the success of the theater. I can only supplement it with the … Read more

Goldin pointed to the responsibility of the leadership of the Russian military-industrial complex for the success of the NWO

The outcome of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine largely depends on the operational and effective work of the Russian military-industrial complex. And the demand from the leadership of the military-industrial complex is now special, said a Russian historian, publicist, teacher at MADI Arkady Goldin in an interview with a correspondent … Read more

Putin wished Tokayev success in implementing the planned reforms in Kazakhstan

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