The court in the suburbs arrested the ex-policeman for an accident in a state of intoxication

The court arrested a former policeman who was building a fatal accident while intoxicated in the Moscow region until February 5, the press service of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region reported on December 7. “At the request of the investigation, the court chose a preventive measure in the … Read more

the color of the ice can determine its strength

As Belovoshin noted, many fishermen in the Moscow region are eager to get on the ice, although it is still far from being fully formed. Employees of the GKU MO “Mosoblpozhspas” conduct raids on the reservoirs of the region, measuring the thickness of the ice and conducting explanatory conversations with fishermen. According to Belovoshin, one … Read more

The authorities of the Moscow region decided to abandon mass events during the New Year holidays

We are talking about various activities in all directions – whether it’s a fairy tale or just warm wishes, he noted. Children’s leisure will be organized both in schools and kindergartens. At the same time, it is planned to leave events related to sports. According to the governor, the rest will be “postponed until later” … Read more

A patient with advanced inflammation of the appendages was saved in the suburbs

In the Moscow region, doctors saved a patient with advanced inflammation of the appendages. This was reported on Monday, December 5, on the website of the regional Ministry of Health. A 34-year-old woman was admitted to the Podolsky maternity hospital with acute pain in the lower abdomen. On ultrasound, doctors saw an advanced stage of … Read more

Traffic police officers detained a driver with a drug-filled car near Moscow Traffic police stopped the car to check documents in the suburbs. Behind the wheel was a 39-year-old native of Mari El, who transported drugs, they said in the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Traffic police officers during a conversation with a man drew attention to his strange behavior. They decided … Read more

Police detained a driver with 2.5 kg of drugs in Ramenskoye near Moscow Traffic police inspectors stopped a foreign car in the Ramensky city district to check documents. The car was driven by a 39-year-old native of the Republic of Mari El. When the car was searched, drugs were found. According to the publication “Vesti Podmoskovye”, the foreign car was stopped in the village of Novokharitonovo. The … Read more

A schoolgirl was detained on suspicion of killing her six-year-old brother in the Moscow region

According to investigators, the teenager committed the crime in a private house on the territory of the Bogorodsk district. Law enforcement officers conducted an inspection of the murder scene, issued an interrogation of the defendant and her parents. .

Electric train collided with a car in Pushkino near Moscow A passenger car and an electric train collided in the town of Pushkino near Moscow. This was reported by the press service of the regional head office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The incident occurred on the night of December 4 at the uncontrolled crossing “Green Forest – Ivanteevka”. During the incident, people … Read more