The lawyer named the categories of citizens subject to recalculation of pensions

Fatima Nogailiyeva, an assistant at the Department of Labor and Social Law at St Petersburg University, said that the state can increase the amount of pensions under certain circumstances, as well as in accordance with the plan. In an interview with the Prime agency on Thursday, November 17, the expert noted that an increase in … Read more

Moldova may be subject to sanctions for disloyalty to the LGBT community

According to him, the Moldovan authorities announced the launch of the campaign “LGBT children in your school”, which is designed to support the rights of homosexuals. But officials from the Ministry of Education said that the campaign was not coordinated with them, and the parents began collecting signatures against. Shinkar is sure that “the LGBT … Read more

LPR in November will begin to adopt laws on the rights of a Russian subject

According to the parliamentarian, for the past five years, a legislative framework has been developed on the territory of the LPR, based on the Russian one. In this regard, the integration will be completed faster than before the year 2026 established by the federal constitutional law. .

An object that looked like part of an anti-tank shell fell near a private house in New Moscow

An object that looked like part of an anti-tank shell fell near a private residential building in New Moscow. According to preliminary information, he could have arrived from the Alabino training ground, REN TV writes. .

Volatility and a combination of factors: economist Bagamanov on what oil prices are subject to

Federal news agency Today, oil prices fluctuate between rising and falling. The current picture on the market is described by the analyst of the publication “Economy Today” Alexander Bagmanov. “According to the results of trading yesterday, September 29, oil prices did not change significantly, falling slightly by 0.8%, and in fact they traded just below … Read more

The United States has published a list of Russian artists who may be subject to sanctions

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda The United States government has compiled a list of Russian artists against whom it plans to impose sanctions. The relevant information was shared by the publication “News in Tatarstan”. According to Washington, people from the list have violated human rights. Among them are stars of the first magnitude – … Read more