In Bulgaria called “the biggest stupidity” in relation to Russia

Refusal of Russian gas was the biggest stupidity for Bulgaria. This was announced on Sunday, September 4, by the former Deputy Minister of Energy of Bulgaria, Yavor Kuyumdzhiyev. “When we ourselves abandoned the contract that guaranteed us deliveries and predictability, what happens happens. This is the biggest stupidity that could be done – to buy … Read more

The Polish minister “blurted out stupidity” and was criticized

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak came under fire for his words about his intention to create “the best ground forces among NATO members in Europe” and Moscow as Warsaw’s main opponent. Users of the wPolytice portal called Blaschak a “talentless figure” for “spouting such stupidity”, because no one in their right mind thinks so. Also, … Read more

British Bishop Baines pointed to the “stupidity” of anti-Russian sanctions as a tool

According to British Bishop Nick Baynes, such a policy on the part of London could “ignite nationalism in Russia.” In addition, sanctions risk leading to “strategic miscalculations.” Baynes added that the goals that the West is trying to achieve with its restrictions can be realized in other ways. .

Political scientist Ishchenko declared stupidity the calls of the deputies of the Rada to “write off Ukraine’s external debt”

The authors of the appeal indicate that, despite the difficult financial and economic situation, Ukraine is forced to spend monthly budgetary funds to service external loans. As part of servicing the state debt, Kyiv must pay about 100 billion hryvnias ($3.4 billion) by the end of the year, which “is not enough for urgent needs … Read more

Readers of the newspaper Le Figaro called the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions “the highest stupidity”

The new restrictions will affect oil supplies by sea, while oil coming through the Druzhba pipeline is not subject to a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, RIA Novosti reports. According to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, by the end of 2022, the EU countries plan to reduce oil imports from … Read more

US veteran Cohn pointed to the stupidity of Europe due to the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers

Recently, a wave of vandalism has begun in Europe against monuments to Soviet soldiers. Cases of desecration of monuments were recorded in Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia and Poland. According to experts, this may not be about hooliganism, but about a policy deliberately pursued by these countries, RIA Novosti reports. .