Veteran of “Alpha” pointed to the terrorist structure of the CIA

According to him, now the CIA is everywhere resorting to violence and committing assassinations in different parts of the world. Goncharov stressed that the organization’s employees are ready to take any action. Moreover, it is the United States that is responsible for the creation of many international terrorist organizations. They used these structures for their … Read more

Investment idea // A new player may appear in the top three market leaders

The third turkey producer in Russia, the Gafuri Bashkir Poultry Complex (BPC), put up for auction, may go to an unexpected buyer. The winner of the auction with a price of over 3.3 billion rubles. became a structure associated with the Don Agro agricultural holding of the former top manager of the MDM group, Yevgeny … Read more

Imperial Brands transferred the rights to West and Maxim cigarette brands to a Russian structure

Cigarette manufacturer Imperial Brands (Davidoff, Gauloises, JPS, Fine, West and others), which announced the suspension of work in the Russian Federation in March, transferred exclusive rights to several brands, including the international West, to its Russian structure – LLC International Tobacco groups.” Under the alienation agreement, the Russian company also received the rights to several … Read more

Gold in the blue eye // The state of the balance of payments of the Russian Federation in July is suspiciously brilliant

The Bank of Russia’s assessment of the balance of payments of the Russian Federation for July 2022, contrary to expectations, is stronger than the June figures: the foreign trade surplus of the Russian Federation for this month amounted to $33.9 billion. Analysts are already distrustful of them – a huge surplus should have been caused … Read more

Industry will be helped in formation and in step // The Ministry of Industry and Trade puts things in order in technological and industrial parks

The state’s request for the development of its own industrial capacities, technologies and innovations has changed the attitude of the center towards state support for industry – a vertical structure of assistance to industrial companies is replacing regional independence. Thus, the regions will receive uniform criteria for industrial and technology parks, as well as a … Read more

Small business in poor health // The first statistical descriptions of the business results of the lockdowns of 2020 have appeared

The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, contrary to the many and varied assumptions of economists in this regard, had a predictable impact on the structure of entrepreneurship. As a study by American economists based on materials from California showed, the concentration of business sales as a result shifted towards large companies – they recovered more slowly … Read more

Urbanist spoke about the structure of Russian cities by the end of the 21st century

By the end of the century, cities in Russia will turn into mega-agglomerations, where space will be maximally optimized for a safe and comfortable life. Urbanist, head of the project team at the Higher School of Urban Studies at the National Research University Higher School of Economics Victoria Maltseva spoke about the fate of Russian … Read more

The budget was transferred to a state of siege // The Ministry of Finance closed the data on what the collected taxes are spent on

The Ministry of Finance published data on the execution of the federal budget for five months in a greatly reduced form – sections on the structure of expenditures, including military ones, on the sources of financing the deficit, as well as figures on the state of the state treasury in the past month, disappeared from … Read more

The court arrested the ex-head of the structure of the mayor’s office of Chelyabinsk for a bribe

The investigation found that the suspect, together with his accomplice, ex-deputy director of the MKU Sergey Lyubimov, did not decide to demolish illegal kiosks, receiving more than three million rubles for this. Both defendants have been fired. Criminal cases have been initiated against them. .