In Britain, they were afraid of Russian strikes on London from space

Russia can strike at London from all sides, says British Chief of Staff Tony Radakin. According to him, Moscow is capable of striking from anywhere, even from outer space, the Telegraph reports. “Russia has forces in space. Russia has nuclear potential. Russia has a significant submarine fleet,” Radakin recalled. He said that the Russian Federation … Read more

‘FAN everywhere’: what’s happening in the UK

Source: Federal News Agency After the completion of the mourning events for Queen Elizabeth II, the new British government met with the unpleasant need to solve the pressing problems of the British people. The country’s population is tired of the continuous rise in food and energy prices and chooses an effective way to deal with … Read more

Antonov: US statements on the admissibility of Kyiv’s strikes on the LPR and DPR are approaching a dangerous brink

Washington’s statements about the possibility of Kyiv’s strikes on the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics bring it closer to a dangerous line and turn the United States on the side of the conflict. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov. “The patrons of neo-Nazi criminals are approaching the dangerous … Read more

Analyst Mikhailov proposes to educate NATO to conduct exercises with nuclear strikes

Alexander Mikhailov is against strikes with tactical nuclear weapons on the Ukrainian military and national battalions, because, in his opinion, this is what the United States is waiting for. As soon as we use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the West will launch a large-scale campaign to discredit Russia, he believes. .

Lightning strikes plane flying from Milan to Naples

A lightning strike hit an EasyJet plane. The incident occurred on Sunday in the skies over Italy. The aircraft was flying from Naples to Milan. According to the newspaper Il Messaggero, because of the emergency, he landed urgently at the airport in Bari. Of the 90 passengers, no one was hurt. However, a lightning strike … Read more

The media called the reasons for the mass strikes of Ukrainians in Poland

Ukrainian workers who have obtained the right to work in Poland are increasingly in conflict with local employers due to low wages and rights violations. This was reported on September 20 by InoSMI with reference to the Strana portal. Not so long ago, a strike took place at a factory for the production of Christmas … Read more