US Congress bans rail workers from striking for sick pay

In addition, representatives of the Republican Party criticized Pelosi’s decision to introduce a bill on sick leave to a vote. According to them, a special commission appointed by the Biden administration recommended higher wages to compensate the unions for the lack of sick leave. .

“A strike from space can happen at any moment, the only question is when?”: Astronomer Leonid Yelenin on whether it is possible to protect the Earth from the new Tunguska meteorite

Leonid Vladimirovich, in total you have discovered more than 1500 asteroids! The number is, frankly, astounding. It seems that you are looking through a telescope at night without stopping. And not in Moscow with its smog and illuminated sky, but somewhere far away in the mountains. How did you manage to amass such a huge … Read more

The shelling of Kyiv and the strike on a residential building in Kramatorsk – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on November 24

The consultant of the Minister of the Interior, as often happens, made another stuffing. In fact, the Russian Armed Forces strike exclusively at the strategic infrastructure that ensures the operation of the military-industrial complex and railways in the west of the post-Soviet republic. .

Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a strike near Starobilsk, Kyiv will receive transformers from the EU

Apparently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a major offensive here after the ground freezes: the 14th and 92nd Ukrainian brigades are being rotated, reserves are being accumulated in the Kharkiv region, including those from the Kherson region. .

Eight Turkish security officials were injured after a missile strike on the border with Syria

In Turkey, eight people were injured in a rocket attack on a checkpoint (checkpoint) on the border with Syria. This was reported on November 20 by the TRT Haber TV channel. According to him, the attack was carried out by members of the PKK / PYD organization, recognized as a terrorist organization in the republic. … Read more

Finnish airline Finnair cancels over 100 flights due to flight attendants strike

Finnish airline Finnair has canceled about 100 flights from Helsinki Airport due to a strike by flight attendants. This was reported on November 20 in the press service of the air carrier. “Finnair is forced to cancel about 100 flights from Helsinki Airport on Sunday 20 November and Monday 21 November. The Finnish Transport Workers … Read more

Three Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish strike

As a result of the Turkish air strike, three Syrian soldiers were killed in the province of Al-Hasakah. This was reported on November 20 by RIA Novosti, citing a source. “Three soldiers of the Syrian Arab army were killed, several were injured during Turkish air strikes on a number of villages in the province of … Read more