Antonov called the rupture of ties between Europe and the Russian Federation the purpose of sabotage at the Nord Streams

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Putin called the version of Russia’s involvement in the undermining of the Nord Streams crazy

Allegations of possible Russian involvement in blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines are crazy. This was stated by the President of the country during his speech at the 19th meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. .

The leader of the French party “Patriots”: Sabotage on the “Nord Streams” showed what the NATO alliance is capable of

He expressed confidence that “the sabotage at Nord Stream is undoubtedly of American origin” and the explosions clearly demonstrated “what the NATO bloc is capable of” – “the worst.” Therefore, “France must get out of this vicious circle,” Filippo summed up, quoted by TASS.

Power engineers called the cause of the accident on the island of Bornholm next to the Nord Streams

It is noted that the situation has returned to normal and the cable between Bornholm and Sweden is “back in operation.” “The power outage is due to local faults at Bornholm,” the report said. Power went out on the Danish island of Bornholm on Monday, likely due to damage to a submarine cable between Bornholm … Read more

Ex-adviser to the head of the Pentagon: US or UK could attack Nord Streams

According to him, it is necessary to look at which state bodies had the opportunity to do this. “And this is the Royal Navy, the US Navy. I think it’s pretty obvious,” RIA Novosti quotes McGregor’s speech. He noted that the gas pipeline pipes are unusually strong due to their design, so hundreds of kilograms … Read more

Khazin predicted the future of the United States after the undermining of the “Nord Streams”

Against the backdrop of an ever-deepening recession, smoothly turning into a depression, the capital withdrawn from the EU will slow down the fall only for a short time. It will not be possible to save the situation as a whole, no matter what they come up with in Washington. The United States is in for … Read more

Sabotage in the Baltic: who stopped the Nord Streams

Federal news agency The pipelines of the Russian-German project “Nord Stream” were interrupted. The cause was powerful underwater explosions. On September 26, Swedish and Danish scientists recorded two episodes of seismic activity, which were characterized as explosions. The first of them occurred at 03:03 Moscow time, the second at 08:03 Moscow time. Over the next … Read more

The State Duma estimated the timing of the repair of Nord Streams

In order to eliminate the consequences of explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, it will take at least six months. On Thursday, September 29, this forecast was shared by the head of the State Duma Energy Committee Pavel Zavalny. He suggested two possible scenarios for repair work: using a special … Read more