A repeat offender strangled a pensioner with a cord because of a cell phone in the Irkutsk region

sledcom.ru / Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A repeat offender strangled a pensioner with a wire from an antenna because of a cell phone in the Irkutsk region. The man planned to take possession of the gadget in order to use it to transfer money from the account of his victim, but he did … Read more

A resident of the Irkutsk region strangled his beloved because of an untidy apartment

According to investigators, in the apartment of one of the houses in the city of Shelekhov, the defendant quarreled with a 37-year-old cohabitant because of the disorder in the house. During the conflict, the attacker strangled his victim with his bare hands. .

A resident of Ulan-Ude strangled a woman with a cord from a charm after rape

Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON/Globalookpress A resident of Buryatia was sentenced to 16 years in prison in a strict regime colony for the rape and murder of a woman, which occurred on the night of September 24, 2019. The attacker met a stranger in SNT and called her to drink alcohol. After a while, the man began … Read more

The girl was found strangled in the toilet at the Nakhabino station in the Moscow region

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Drunk man beat and strangled his retired mother during the conflict near Rostov-on-Don

The incident itself took place in Semikarakorsk. According to the department, the citizen, being in a state of intoxication, quarreled with his parent. During the conflict, the attacker beat the woman and then strangled her with a rope. .

A resident of Kamchatka strangled her drunk son-in-law with a plastic bag and burned the corpse in the forest

According to investigators, the body of a man was found on the afternoon of May 17 between the village of Yuzhny Koryaki and the village of Bereznyaki. During interrogation after the arrest, the mother-in-law of the deceased reported that she strangled her son-in-law with a plastic bag, after which she took the corpse into the … Read more

In Moscow, a sister found her brother sitting next to the body of a strangled woman

pexels.com/PD A resident of Moscow found her relative sitting next to a dead woman, a source told REN TV. It all happened in one of the houses on Zagoryevskaya street. The woman entered the apartment and saw her brother sitting on his knees near the bed, on which lies the body covered with a blanket. … Read more