Huawei seemed to buyers // Brand stores work, but do not sell

As Kommersant found out, Huawei stores do not even sell phones and laptops displayed in shop windows to visitors. Problems in the main part of the Russian retail of Huawei arose against the backdrop of a dispute between the store management company and the manufacturer. Kommersant’s sources say that Huawei has stopped direct deliveries of … Read more

Accidents on tram tracks in 90% of cases are due to motorists // Look

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport Maxim Liksutov named the most common cause of accidents on tram tracks in the city. </p><div> <p>”Motorists are to blame for 90% of accidents that occur on tram tracks,” he said on the Telegram channel of the capital’s transport department. Liksutov recalled that due to such accidents, hundreds of … Read more

Biden confirmed the elimination of the leader of Al-Qaeda

US President Joe Biden confirmed the information about the elimination of the leader of Al-Qaeda (banned in the Russian Federation) Ayman al-Zawahiri. He was killed in his safe house in Kabul during a rocket attack. </p><div> <p>A native of Egypt, a long-time right-hand man of Osama bin Laden, was tracked down in April. As noted … Read more

The President of Russia gave instructions related to the DPR and LPR

Russia should help the DPR and LPR in rebuilding housing and infrastructure. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. The broadcast was conducted by the media platform “Looking”. </p><div> <p>The head of state set the task, according to which the inhabitants of Donbass should spend the … Read more

Putin believes that tougher punishment worked

In Russia, the number of road accidents involving drunk drivers has decreased. This is due, according to President Vladimir Putin, with the tougher punishment. The head of state stated this during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, the broadcast was conducted by the Smotrim media platform. </p><div> <p>The deputy chairman of the Cabinet, … Read more

Ukrainian terrorists who prepared the explosion in Lipetsk were taught by foreigners

Militants from the Ukrainian extremist organization Right Sector (banned in Russia), who were going to stage a terrorist attack in Lipetsk, were trained by foreign instructors, the FSB of Russia reported. </p><div> <p>As it became known on Friday, July 29, the attackers underwent special training at the Desna training center of the Armed Forces of … Read more

Three main mortgage programs will be financed by 45.5 billion rubles

The Russian government will allocate an additional 45.5 billion rubles for the implementation of mortgage programs. As Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin explained, the programs are in high demand among Russians, so the budget funds provided for them have almost run out. </p><div> <p>“Most of the resources will go to finance the preferential mortgage program, we … Read more

Gazprom reduces supplies via Nord Stream to 20% of capacity

Gazprom stops the operation of another Siemens turbine at the Portovaya compressor station. Deliveries via the Nord Stream gas pipeline may fall by half. From July 27, no more than 33 million cubic meters per day will be pumped. That is 20% of the line capacity. </p><div> <p>The official statement of the company says that … Read more

Alexander Vulin is threatened because of his position on Russia and China

Serbian Interior Minister Alexander Vulin received a threat from “one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world” because of his position towards Russia and China. </p><div> <p>According to Vulin, he was informed that if he does not abandon his current policy and support for President Vučić, then from next week a compromising media campaign … Read more