The young wife of Petrosyan shared an interesting family story

prt scr | Robins The family of Evgeny Petrosyan rarely shares life details with fans. However, recently the young wife of the famous humorist Tatyana Brukhunova pleased subscribers with interesting details, reports She told how she and Petrosyan chose a name for their son. According to Brukhunova, this was not even discussed after … Read more

Revealed the details of the new season of “American Horror Story”

Shot from the series “American Horror Story” Details of the new season of American Horror Story have been revealed. It starts on October 19 with the subtitle “New York”. The release of the 11th season will take place right before Halloween – it will include ten new episodes. Episode description reads: “New season. New town. … Read more

Montyan noticed a curious detail in the story of sabotage at Nord Stream

The lawyer noticed a curious detail in the story of sabotage at Nord Stream. The thing is that the places where the destruction of gas pipelines occurred are located close to Polish territory, which may indicate the possible involvement of Warsaw in this sabotage. .

Biden made Americans laugh with a slip in the story about meeting his wife

US President Joe Biden misspoke when telling the story of his acquaintance with his wife. The interview of the American president, which caused laughter from the audience, was broadcast on the Fox News channel. According to the American president, he met his future wife Jill when she was 12 years old. “We have been together … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on September 19, holidays, facts, people

The date of September 19 became known in Russia as Gunsmith’s Day. This professional holiday is celebrated by employees of the military-industrial complex, as well as engineers who create weapons. It was established after a personal conversation between M. T. Kalashnikov and V. V. Putin. It is symbolic that today the Russian Orthodox Church honors … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on September 14, holidays, facts, people

On this day in 1927, the world-famous dancer died. Isadora Duncan. Scarf of the ex-wife of the poet Sergei Yesenin fell under the wheels of a car and broke her neck. Her last words before the fateful trip, according to Isadora’s friend, Mary Desty, was “Farewell, friends! I’m on my way to glory.” .

Deputy Tamara Frolova took part in the “Victory Dictation” at the Tambov Skolkovo school

Today, at the Skolkovo school in Tambov, we, together with schoolchildren and teachers, veterans and military personnel, party members and other caring people, wrote a test, recalling the history of the Great Patriotic War. In unison, when the pulse of every region of Russia beat in unison, we sang the anthem of our country and … Read more