Yle: ATMs in Finland will stop accepting UnionPay cards because of the Russians

prt scr youtube.com/NN Nokas CMS, which owns Nosto ATMs in Finland, will suspend China UnionPay cards from October 3rd. Yle writes about it. The decision to suspend the acceptance of cards is due to the influx of tourists from Russia. With the help of UnionPay credit cards, citizens of the Russian Federation “empty ATMs” in … Read more

Finnish companies may stop production due to a jump in electricity prices

Journalists noted that the rapid rise in energy prices will not only lead to austerity in the country’s industrial sector, but will also provoke a halt in a number of local industries. Sanna-Mari Jurakoski, CEO of the Central Finland Entrepreneurs’ Organization, added that organizations are now looking for ways to save their business and minimize … Read more

The Bank of England takes emergency measures to stop the economic crisis

The material notes that the decision of the Bank of England was announced after the new government, led by Prime Minister Liz Truss, presented a program to restore the UK economy. In particular, the authorities decided to cancel the planned increase in the income tax rate. The government also wants to spend billions to protect … Read more

Fountains in Moscow will stop working on October 1

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya The season of fountains in the capital will end on October 1. This was announced by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Public Utilities and Improvement Petr Biryukov. As the deputy mayor said, after the fountains are turned off due to the end of the season, they will … Read more

Wake up: Solovyov urged officials to stop daily closing the borders of the Russian Federation

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press Some military commissars and even high-ranking officials, most likely without realizing it themselves, began to play into the hands of the enemy, rocking society with loud statements that clearly go beyond their competence. So, for example, the chief military commissar of the Rostov region the other day suddenly announced that the … Read more

Mazda may stop car production at a joint venture in Vladivostok

It is noted that the final decision to stop production has not yet been made. The same applies to sales in the Russian market. At the same time, the company previously noted that it intends to stop production as soon as the supplied spare parts run out. .