Experts assessed the prospects for the Russian currency and stock markets

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko Analysts believe that new sanctions against the Russian financial market may provoke a suspension of euro and dollar trading on the stock exchange. The decline in the stock market may also continue, because the potential for this has not yet been exhausted, Izvestia reports. BCS World Investments expert Yevgeny … Read more

EU stock indices hit multi-month lows

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko The stock markets of the largest countries of Western Europe fell significantly on September 29 amid investors’ fears. This is evidenced by trading data. Many investors are concerned about rising geopolitical tensions, the state of the global economy and the tightening of central bank policies. The index of the … Read more

The stock market in the UK collapsed after the election of Liz Truss

The FTSE 350 Index, which includes export-oriented FTSE 100 and domestic-oriented FTSE 250 stocks, has lost more than $300 billion in market capitalization since Truss was confirmed as leader of the Conservative Party on Sept. 5. At the same time, the UK government bond index also collapsed by $173 billion. In addition, high-grade pound-denominated bonds … Read more

Many Russian investors may not return to the stock market

Russian private investors massively left the stock market in March, taking with them a third of the money, or 261 billion rubles, from brokerage accounts, according to statistics from the Central Bank. Both national and foreign currencies were withdrawn, Kommersant clarifies. .

US stock exchanges went into a long peak

Global Look Press / Michael Nagle / XinHua Washington, May 21st. The US economy is entering a recession. This may be evidenced by the dynamics of US stock markets, which continue to decline. Major US stock indexes continue a steady decline, which has been going on for the past few weeks. During Friday’s session, the … Read more

Britain ceased to recognize the Moscow Exchange as a stock exchange from May 5 By decision of the British Tax and Customs Administration (HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC), the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has been deprived of the status of a recognized stock market since May 5. Exclusion from the list means that UK investors who will continue to trade on the Moscow Exchange will lose the tax benefits … Read more

Alfa-Bank, due to sanctions, offered clients an independent transfer of securities to another broker

Now the situation has changed, customers will have to do it themselves. They may refuse to transfer to another broker, however, the securities remaining in Alfa Investments cannot be traded. .

Russia reduced investments in US government bonds in February KXan 36 Daily News

Russia in February reduced investments in US government bonds to $3.753 billion. This is evidenced by data from the US Treasury. Long-term bonds amounted to $2 million in the Russian portfolio, short-term bonds – $3.751 billion, RIA Novosti reports. Compared to January, the total volume of investments decreased by $750 million. Earlier it was reported … Read more

Ban on complex products for unqualified investors extended until 2024

President Vladimir Putin signed a law extending the restriction on the purchase of complex financial instruments for unqualified investors. The document was published on Friday on the official Internet portal of legal information. The relevant law was approved by the State Duma at a plenary session on March 22, and by the Federation Council on … Read more