The robber staged a shootout with police in Moscow after stealing 100 thousand dollars

A gang of armed raiders robbed a man in Moscow, taking away his bag with 100 thousand dollars. During the detention, one of the attackers opened fire on the police, the press service of the capital’s head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports. .

Natalia Drozhzhina, accused of stealing Batalov’s property, filed a lawsuit against the actor’s daughter

The essence of the lawsuit filed with the Drogomilovsky court is the contestation of the rights to real estate. The actress is trying to return the apartment, which still belongs to Batalov. The criminal hearing was postponed, as Drozhzhina refused a lawyer, and the new lawyer needs time to familiarize herself with the case materials, … Read more

In Novosibirsk, gypsies attacked a girl who filmed them stealing from a bus

NEVA NEWS Gypsies in Novosibirsk got into a fight on a bus after trying to film them stealing from passengers. The incident took place in minibus No. 30 in the evening. Eyewitnesses said that one of the women wanted to extract money from a passenger, taking advantage of the fact that the bus was full. … Read more

Liquidators of waste landfills near Nizhny Novgorod accused of stealing 400 million rubles

The President of LLC GK Gazenergostroy and two top managers of GK enterprises were accused of embezzlement during the reclamation of waste landfills in the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is reported by “Kommersant” .

Police detained a gang of teenagers for forging cards and stealing money in Mytishchi

In one of the stores, they made a large purchase, but split the payments into amounts less than 1,000 rubles so as not to enter PIN codes. The seller drew attention to the large amount of “plastic” in the hands of teenagers and decided to call the police. .

A resident of Voronezh received a suspended sentence for stealing 8 million rubles from employers

According to investigators, the attacker got a job in two companies as an accountant, Vesti Voronezh reports. With the help of special programs, a woman withdrew about 6 million rubles from the account of one organization, and more than 2 million rubles from another. .

Two residents of Mordovia were accused of stealing a bicycle and a tool

Federal News Agency Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Mordovia are investigating a criminal case on the theft of property from a country house in the Ichalkovsky district. According to investigators, two detained residents of Bolshaya Pestrovka entered one of the country houses under the cover of night and stole a … Read more

Tarantino responds to Kanye West’s accusations of stealing the Django Unchained concept

According to the director, the idea of ​​the concept of the film came to him even before he met the musician. Kanye West planned to make a film version of his album The College Dropout. According to the rapper’s idea, various well-known directors were supposed to shoot videos for his tracks, Tarantino shared on Jimmy … Read more