Programmers are still being taught faster than they leave // ​​Monitoring of digital technologies

The information and communication technology sector in the first quarter of 2022 felt little of the impact of the sanctions. Thus, the volume of goods, works, services sold by large and medium-sized enterprises reached 1.3 trillion rubles, an increase of 24.6% compared to the same period last year, indicate the Institute for Statistical Research and … Read more

Small business in poor health // The first statistical descriptions of the business results of the lockdowns of 2020 have appeared

The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, contrary to the many and varied assumptions of economists in this regard, had a predictable impact on the structure of entrepreneurship. As a study by American economists based on materials from California showed, the concentration of business sales as a result shifted towards large companies – they recovered more slowly … Read more

The Internet is considered by age // Monitoring IT

The growth in Internet use associated with the pandemic has not improved the digital skills of Russians, the gap in the level of competencies between the most adapted to the Internet youth and older citizens has only grown, experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) conclude. At the same … Read more

The well-being figure // Experts compared the online skills of Russians and residents of OECD countries

The conditions created in the Russian Federation for enjoying the benefits of digitalization are generally comparable to those in the OECD countries, there is a lag in a number of parameters, but it is insignificant. Experts from the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) came to this conclusion after comparing Russian … Read more

Digital medical technologies put in their places // Health Monitoring

The emergence of new solutions in IT industries (artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics), the pandemic and an increase in the proportion of patients with chronic diseases have increased the demand for digital technologies in healthcare. Experts from the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK HSE), using the iFORA big data analysis system (26,000 … Read more

Ecological investments calculated in order // Monitoring of “green” transformation

The scale of the use of digital technologies by industrial enterprises in Russia to improve environmental and resource efficiency remained relatively small in 2019–2021, although certain areas of “green” development showed a noticeable increase during this time, according to a review by the Center for Market Research of the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics … Read more

Salaries look down // Monitoring of incomes of the population

In connection with the latest data from Rosstat on the dynamics of wages for the first quarter and March 2022, analysts are actively discussing, in particular, the problem of nominal growth of the Wage Fund (PAY) by 9% with a growth in wages by 15%. This looks like a statistical absurdity and in reality could … Read more

“Unicorns” gained weight // Monitoring of innovations

The number of unicorn companies in the world increased by a third over the year – as of May 2022, there were already 1302 such startups (against 962 a year earlier). At the same time, according to experts from the Russian Cluster Observatory (RCO) of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK) … Read more