Zakharova responded to Nuland’s statement regarding the shutdown of Nord Stream 2

“Are you still looking for an answer to the question, who is behind the whole Ukrainian bloody scenario, the destruction of European cooperation and the global world crisis?” – Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel, addressing the Europeans. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry also cites Nuland’s words: “I would like to say … Read more

The cat appreciated Timati’s statement about readiness for mobilization

Russian rapper Timati stated in his social networks that he was ready to be mobilized to the zone of a special military operation if he received a summons. So he answered his subscribers, who accused him of emigrating to Uzbekistan after the musician published his photos from Tashkent. .

G20 trade ministers meeting ends without joint statement

G20 trade ministers meeting in Bali ends without joint statement over Ukraine © AP Photo / Sonny Tumbelaka/Pool Police officers in Bali, Indonesia © AP Photo / Sonny Tumbelaka/Pool Police officers in Bali, Indonesia. Archive photo BANGKOK, September 23 – RIA Novosti. The G20 trade and investment ministerial meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali, … Read more

Generators are being bought up in Estonia after the prime minister’s statement about problems with electricity

Estonian citizens are actively buying power generators after Prime Minister Kai Kallas announced potential problems with electricity. Information about this on Friday, September 23, was shared by the portal of the state television and radio broadcasting ERR. .

Americans lost their temper after Biden’s statement about readiness to fight with China

Federal News Agency American Twitter users were furious at US President Joe Biden’s statement about China. They attacked the politician on social media. Earlier, the head of state expressed readiness to side with Taiwan in the war against China. Commentators concluded that the US and the world as a whole were in “great danger”. They … Read more

French journalist Volton’s statement about Russia’s “fear” of Ukraine angered the French

The author of the material tried to blame Russia and the “autocratic elites” of the countries that formed after the collapse for the conflicts in the post-Soviet territory of the USSR. At the same time, Moscow’s “fear” of the “spread of Ukrainian freedom” allegedly became the reason for the start of a special operation. .