Farewell, unnecessary // The Ministry of Finance is ready to clear the property accumulated by the treasury

The Ministry of Finance is completing the preparation of the base for clearing the balance sheet of the Federal Property Management Agency from objects of state property that are unnecessary to the state. On regulation.gov.ru, a draft government decree prepared by the department on the systematization of small-scale privatization objects has been published. According to … Read more

The register of reports has been re-evaluated // The Ministry of Economy has finalized the draft on the registration of appraisers

The draft law providing for the creation of a register of information on property valuation reports has been finalized by the Ministry of Economy. In the new version, in particular, the approach to providing information from this registry has been revised – the possibility of paid access is excluded. The open part of this “base” … Read more

Digitalization came for state property // The Treasury wants to get rid of the assets it does not need and the opacity of their sales

The Federal Treasury (FC) intends to combine all data on sales of state property into a single contour – from planning such transactions to the implementation process and analysis of real revenues from them to the budget. To do this, in 2022, the department plans to transfer more than 40 types of tenders to its … Read more

Sell, goodbye // The Ministry of Finance is ready to simplify the privatization of low-liquid assets to 100 million rubles

A draft law by the Ministry of Finance on accelerating the sale of small state assets was submitted to the State Duma yesterday. It is proposed to set the threshold for the cost of treasury objects that can be sold without being included in the privatization program at the level of 100 million rubles, they … Read more

The Russian government will accelerate the privatization of unclaimed state property

The Russian government approved the acceleration of the rate of privatization of property unclaimed by the state, and the corresponding bill will be submitted to the State Duma. This was reported on the government website. “To approve the draft federal law” On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Privatization of State and Municipal Property” “and … Read more

The Ministry of Finance plans to simplify the sale of state property

The Ministry of Finance is working to simplify the procedure for the sale of state property, said Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev. On the eve of the Accounts Chamber announced a record low execution of the privatization plan in Russia in 2017-2019. “Now new approaches and regulations are being developed that will simplify the procedures for … Read more