LDPR deputies proposed to reduce the working week for the wives of mobilized citizens

According to the draft deputies, working parents and wives of conscripts will be able to take additional leave for up to 14 days without pay. The first deputy head of the faction, Sergei Leonov, added that the families and children of the mobilized should be supported. .

Pugacheva is the garbage of the Russian people: Deputy Fedorov appreciated the statements of the singer

Moscow Agency / Kirill Zykov People’s Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva, who recently expressed her readiness to become a foreign agent, responded to critics of her pro-Western political stance by dedicating a post to them on her social media page. In it, the Primadonna said that she was happy that those of the citizens … Read more

Solovyov appreciated Lavrov’s hint at the further liberation of Ukraine

Sergei Lavrov briefly recalled how the civil conflict in Ukraine began, arguably accusing the collective West represented by the EU and the United States of inciting it. He recalled the coup d’état in Kyiv and the uprising of the inhabitants of Donbass, noting that after the annexation of new territories, Russia is obliged to protect … Read more

The State Duma proposed to restrict access to the territory of schools after the Izhevsk tragedy

In a letter addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, they pointed to the need to improve security in the country’s educational institutions as soon as possible. In the light of the events in Izhevsk, first of all, it is necessary to prohibit outsiders from being on school grounds during lessons. .

The State Duma will consider the idea of ​​a universal allowance for citizens with children and pregnant women

According to the initiative, pregnant women who registered early, as well as families with children under 17 years old, whose incomes are below one regional subsistence minimum, can count on receiving material assistance. At the same time, the amount of the benefit will be determined by the level of family income deficit and will be … Read more

Mishustin approved the submission to the State Duma of the draft state budget for 2023-2025

According to the draft document for 2023 and the planning period until 2025, the government expects the country’s economy to move to strong growth above 2% in 2024. The presented budget includes measures of targeted support for families with children, the payment of benefits to pregnant women experiencing financial difficulties. .

Sheremet called the referendums a “great exodus” of Russian lands from Ukraine

The parliamentarian recalled how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated that “there is no place for Russians” in the country. According to Sheremet, that’s why people decided to leave. However, they took with them the territories in which they lived. The deputy stressed that this is “honest and fair,” RIA Novosti reports. .

State Duma deputy Tarbaev proposed to develop medical and religious tourism in Russia

In addition to the usual cultural monuments, foreigners may be interested in relaxing in the former Soviet sanatorium and resort complexes. In addition, Russia can offer ecotourism, ethno-tourism, gastro-tourism, auto-tourism, as well as medical and religious tourism, the Govorit Moskva radio station reports. .