Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov won at the start of the tournament in Astana

In the first round match, Khachanov, ranked 18th in the world rankings, defeated US representative Maxim Cressy (32) with a score of 6:4, 7:6 (7:3). Khachanov’s opponent is notable for the fact that he consistently operates on the principle of “serving – going to the net.” – You rarely play with such opponents, especially now. … Read more

Russian ISS Crew Members Start Preparing Cabin and Surprise for Anna Kikina’s Arrival

Kikina’s departure to the ISS will take place as part of cross-flights with the United States. She will live in the cabin of the multipurpose laboratory module Nauka. According to Petelin, he, along with other colleagues, will prepare a surprise for Anna’s arrival. However, the astronaut refused to disclose the details, TASS reports. .

Nutritionist Bureshova told why you should start losing weight in the fall Many people give up on the idea of ​​losing weight after the summer is over. Vera Bureshova, Chief Nutrition Consultant, told why autumn is ideal for fighting excess weight. Most prefer to work on the figure in order to look good in a swimsuit. Often, strict diets are used for this, on which a … Read more

Medvedev announced Zelensky’s desire to start a third world war as soon as possible

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the statement by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on filing an application for the country’s accession to NATO in an accelerated manner, noted that it looks like “a request to speed up the start of a third world war.” Medvedev wrote about this … Read more