Remote tithing // The share of remote employment has stabilized at 10%

The share of Russians working remotely is small, but remains stable, despite the weakening of anti-epidemic restrictions – this is 10-11% of all staff, follows from a survey by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion (VTsIOM). According to the data obtained, the proportion of “remote workers” among men and women is approximately the same, young … Read more

Shops take a break // Commercial real estate lacks tenants

There is a crisis lull in the commercial real estate markets: the reduced attendance of shopping centers has stabilized at the achieved values. There are no prospects for its restoration yet. The activity of potential tenants is constrained by rising costs and a general decline in demand; mainly budgetary catering establishments, tobacco shops and minimarkets … Read more

There is no need for so many skilled workers // Monitoring of the labor market

Operational monitoring of social processes of the CMASF records that in the week of April 11–17, compared to the previous week (April 4–10), the situation in the skilled labor market, “due to the imposition of sanctions and the suspension of the activities of many foreign companies,” stabilized after worsening for a month and a half. … Read more

Contractors do not go to construction sites // They refuse to participate in government contracts

The segment of state-owned construction projects approached the new crisis with unresolved problems. Due to the rise in prices for building materials, prices for which have not stabilized so far, over the past three years, a quarter of government contracts worth more than 4 trillion rubles. was terminated, which led to an increase in problematic … Read more

Old new risk // Alexander Gabuev on changing geopolitical realities for the Russian market

In the first days of 2022, in addition to the Ukrainian, American and European “fronts” that have become routine and generate already familiar risks for the Russian market, another one was added – Kazakhstan. On the news that the Russian Federation would send a military contingent to help restore order to its neighbor and ally, … Read more

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for January 3-10 // Analysts’ opinions and forecasts on how the ruble will behave

Last year, the ruble felt confident enough against the leading world currencies. If, according to the results of the first quarter, the dollar rate on the Moscow Exchange rose by 1.3 rubles, to the level of 75.7 rubles / $, then in the second quarter it lost over 2.5 rubles. and rolled back to the … Read more

Brevity is the sister of content // Valeria Lebedeva on old formats and new trends in social networks

If the years were named after not Chinese animals, but companies, then 2021 would be the year of TikTok. For three years of its existence, the social network in December became the most visited resource in the world, overtaking even Google. But the Russian audience of the platform in big cities unexpectedly began to stagnate … Read more

Half of the workers raised their wages // Labor market monitoring

By the end of 2021, the situation on the Russian labor market had stabilized, however, according to a number of indicators, it is still less favorable in comparison with the dock 2019. This conclusion follows from a survey of the recruiting company Hays, which was attended by 4.8 thousand respondents – both employers and employees. … Read more