Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of spreading fakes about mobilization in Russia

Kyiv deliberately spreads fake news about the resumption of conscription as part of partial mobilization in Russia with the help of controlled media. Such a statement on Sunday, November 13, was made in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the defense department commented on the information about the growing number of calls … Read more

Russian Media Group explained the role of creative industries in spreading ESG ideas

The Sustainable Development Forum is a platform for productive interaction between the state, business, media, international organizations, volunteers and bloggers. Its goal is to update and adapt the ESG strategy to the current situation. .

Former Mundep Yashin extended his arrest until November 26 in the case of spreading fakes about the Russian Armed Forces

Recall that Yashin is accused of publicly disseminating false information about the RF Armed Forces, for which he faces up to ten years in prison. The lawyers asked the court to choose a preventive measure not related to being in a pre-trial detention center, but the court rejected the request. .

There is no threat of fire spreading in Metallostroy to residential buildings

The source of the agency also said that the owner of the warehouse had a debt of 4.5 million rubles to the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal of St. Petersburg for paying for energy supply. The fire was assigned the rank of the fourth complexity. 15 pieces of equipment and 63 personnel are working at the … Read more

Sobchak could face up to 15 years on charges of spreading false information

According to the lawyer, if the journalist is found guilty, she could face a fine of 700,000 to 1.5 million rubles and imprisonment for up to three years. The terms and fines can be increased if they prove that knowingly false information was disseminated using official position, on the basis of hostility, with forgery of … Read more

The police urged the UK to initiate a criminal case against Sobchak for spreading fakes

We are talking about a fake “about state funding of festivals,” the source of the agency specified. Director Vitaly Mansky, against whom a criminal case of libel has been initiated, Sobchak said in an interview that allegedly at the Moscow International Film Festival “at least 85% of the budget is stolen.” The TV presenter acted … Read more

Hero of Russia Troshev exposed a fake Telegram channel spreading information on behalf of Wagner PMC

Federal News Agency Today, unverified information from a fake Telegram channel has spread in the media. On behalf of the alleged Wagner PMC fighter, a fracture in Krasny Liman is reported. Head of the League for the Protection of the Interests of Veterans of Local Wars and Military Conflicts, Hero of Russia Andrey Troshev denied … Read more

Trump accuses Democrats of spreading lies about Russia

The US Democratic Party and its representatives spread disinformation, including on issues related to Russia. This was announced on Saturday, September 18, by former US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters in Ohio. His speech was broadcast by Newsmax TV channel. “They don’t talk about being the party of disinformation, including on … Read more

Trump publicly accused Biden supporters of spreading fakes about Russia

The US Democratic Party and its residents are spreading disinformation, former White House owner Donald Trump said at a rally of his associates in Ohio. According to the politician, Democrats under the leadership of President Joe Biden quote fakes about Russia. .