Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian exposed the essence of American democracy

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian recalled the unfair principles of democracy in the United States. He wrote about this on his Twitter (blocked in the Russian Federation). The Chinese diplomat asked what is American democracy? And he answered his own question: this is when the majority speaks, but not a single politician listens to … Read more

State Department spokesman O’Brien warned of US plans to tighten sanctions against Russia

Federal News Agency Washington will not abandon anti-Russian sanctions as long as the Ukrainian conflict continues. James O’Brien, US sanctions policy coordinator at the State Department, spoke about the government’s plans. According to him, every day the economic pressure will only become stronger. At the same time, he stressed that restrictions could affect everyone who … Read more

South African Foreign Ministry spokesman Monyela announced his country’s unwillingness to impose sanctions against Russia

Earlier it was reported that the authors of Politico talked about the disappeared desire of the European Union to introduce new restrictions against Moscow. Europe is getting harder to live with each new round of sanctions, a source familiar with the matter said. .

Pentagon spokesman commented on the possibility of supplying fighter jets to Ukraine

The United States is strengthening Ukraine’s current air fleet, a senior Pentagon official said when asked about possible deliveries of American fighter jets to Kyiv. .

State Department spokesman Price: US regrets Russia’s decision to withdraw from ISS project in 2024

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the United States regrets Russia’s plans to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) project in 2024. He announced this during a briefing, the broadcast of which was published on the YouTube channel of the department. “We saw the statement of Russia. This is a development that is … Read more

Erdogan spokesman: Turkey will not join sanctions against Russia

The Turkish authorities are not going to impose sanctions against Russia. This was stated by the representative of the president of the republic, Ibrahim Kalyn, in an interview with the Haberturk TV channel. “We have stated that we will not be involved in sanctions. Because it comes from our economic benefits. We have energy relations … Read more

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Heqing illustrated US desire to harm Russia Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhang Heqing posted a cartoon on Twitter denouncing the role of the United States in the situation in Ukraine. The caption under the picture reads: “Inciting the eternal conflict.” The picture shows a bear representing Russia, which stands on the threshold of the house. A box is burning under his … Read more