Nature Catalysis announced the creation of an enzyme to split water into oxygen and hydrogen

Success was achieved by graduate student Niklas Noll from the University of Würzburg. A young scientist has figured out how to create an artificial “pocket” capable of separating molecules. It is noted that this invention will significantly accelerate the transition to hydrogen energy. .

precedent for a split in EU society

In his opinion, the refusal to increase military assistance to the “Square” will cause a split in German society. He added that this only plays into the hands of Russia: the fewer their weapons on the battlefield, the easier it will be to solve the tasks of the RF Armed Forces:

“Political split intensifies”: Biden presidency threatens US with disaster to face Anna Moneymaker/Keystone Press Agency President’s policy Joe Biden swiftly brings the US closer to a national catastrophe. This was written by a journalist for The Washington Times. Cheryl Chumlee. The American leader did not fulfill his promise to unite the country, the newspaper’s columnist believes. The Democratic Party, led by Biden, on … Read more

September elections in Italy could lead to a shift in the European Union

The upcoming elections in Italy, which will be held on September 25, could cause a significant shift in the EU. High inflation in the country has already brought thousands of disgruntled people to the streets of European cities, columnist Samuela Piccoli wrote in an article for American Thinker. .

Political scientist Romanov: sanctions against the Russian Federation caused a socio-political split in Europe

Federal news agency This decade will be marked by a series of serious internal political crises that will lead either to a sharp change in the establishment or to the destabilization of all Western communities in the world. This opinion was voiced by an independent political observer in an interview with the international editorial office … Read more