A native of Uzbekistan spent two weeks in sex slavery with her mother’s best friend in Moscow

The woman became a victim of the selfish goals of her mother’s best friend, who initially offered her to work as a waitress in one of the metropolitan institutions. After a positive response, the attacker locked the victim in an apartment on 1st Radiatorskaya Street, without leaving any money or documents, and forced her to … Read more

The Russian spent about 4 million rubles on tickets to Dubai on New Year’s holidays

pxhere.com Analysts of the OneTwoTrip service have compiled a rating of the most expensive flights with a departure for the New Year. The first place in the rating was taken by a ticket on the route “St. Petersburg – Dubai (UAE)”, reports the publication “Lenta.Ru”. The authors of the study note that an unknown Russian … Read more

‘Wild Rose’ star Laura Zapata spent 18 days in captivity

Shot from the series “Wild Rose” ‘Wild Rose’ star Laura Zapata has gone through horrific events in her life. She and her sister spent 18 days in captivity from intruders. The incident left a deep mark on her character, but she was able to continue her career. The fame of the actress brought the role … Read more

A student of the Karelian Lyceum spent the entire lesson with his back to the blackboard because of the clothes with the US flag

pxhere.com A lyceum student in Karelia was seated with his back to the blackboard for the entire lesson. The teacher did this because the child came in a sweater with an American flag on his chest. Parents noted that the teacher decided to punish the child. In addition, in their opinion, she did it in … Read more

Alexey Panin remembered how he spent sleepless nights with Oscar Kuchera

Once Kuchera and Panin were friends, but now the TV presenter is outraged by the behavior of the actor living in Spain. So, Kuchera said that his colleague never had talent, and built a career in cinema only thanks to his appearance. The artist replied to the opponent in the Telegram channel. .

Bastrykin took control of the situation with the girl who spent the night in the entrance in the Primorsky Territory

Earlier, a post appeared on social networks about a child forced to spend the whole night in the entrance of a residential building in the Danube urban-type settlement. According to preliminary data, the child left the apartment after drunken neighbors appeared in it. At the same time, the parents did not notice the loss of … Read more

The star of “House-2” Efremenkova spent the first day without sons

Actress Yulia Efremenkova, who recently gave birth to twins, was finally able to spend the whole day for herself. The girl threw away all worries, entrusted the children to her husband Mondesir Svet-Amur, and she went for a walk with her mother. .