Producer Ashurov told how much Pugacheva spent on a flight from Russia

At the same time, Ashurov added that the performer is unlikely to have gone to neighboring countries. In this case, she would have chosen the train, since she does not like airplanes and preferred to travel around Russia by land transport. .

In Surgut, a teenage girl spent two hours in a locked cold bus In Surgut, a 14-year-old girl was locked in a cold bus at the final stop. The driver and conductor forgot to check the cabin for passengers before lunch, which is why the schoolgirl waited inside for two hours. This is reported by the Ural Mash Telegram channel. According to the publication, the minor, not … Read more

Puchkov admitted that the money collected by Galkin for refugees would be spent on weapons

Social activists fear that the money that the parodist collects to help Ukrainian refugees can actually be used to support terrorism and finance hostile actions against Russia. According to Puchkov, verification of Galkin’s actions is really necessary. .

Senchukova admitted that she and her husband spent less than 1 million rubles on their son’s wedding

Singer Natalya Senchukova told how much the wedding of her only son from the soloist of the Dune group Viktor Rybin cost. According to the performer, she and her husband spent less than 1 million rubles on the celebration. .

Visitors to the amusement park “Divo Ostrov” spent half an hour in the air due to a breakdown

However, representatives of the amusement park itself told a different version of events, Fontanka writes. According to them, the emergency with the mechanism occurred around 19:00 Moscow time. At the same time, the stoppage of Seventh Heaven, caused by a breakdown, lasted much less than half an hour, the administration of Divo Ostrov noted. The … Read more