Experts assessed the consequences of the US ban on the exchange of special borrowing rights with the Russian Federation

The law banning the US Treasury from participating in operations with the exchange of special drawing rights (SDRs) held by Russia and Belarus is similar to “freezing” one of the ways to use the asset, Oleg, a leading analyst at the Otkritie Investments global research department, told Izvestia on October 5 Syrovatkin. “SDR is a … Read more

War of a thousand why: Baranets explained some of the strange nuances of the special operation BY-SA 4.0 Almost from the very beginning, a special military operation raises a lot of perplexed questions, including many military experts and political scientists. One of these questions concerns the inviolability of the US satellite constellation, which is now fully and completely working for the armed forces of Ukraine. It is only thanks to … Read more

A special program to find Chinese suppliers amid sanctions has been launched in Russia

Mankiewicz stressed that the innovation will help entrepreneurs buy goods from China, deliver them and distribute them to Russian consumers. It is also aimed at replacing industrial equipment, chemical raw materials, components and semiconductor products. .

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the work of special services in the style of the Israeli Mossad

Ukrainian intelligence services are following the example of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. This was announced on Friday, September 30, by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov. In an interview for the TV channel TSN, he confirmed the assumptions of military experts about the … Read more

The Special Criminal Court of the Central African Republic began considering the case of one of the supporters of ex-president Francois Bozize Reisinger/ Bangui, October 1st. The Special Criminal Court of the Central African Republic began considering the case of a supporter of the former president of the republic, Francois Bozize, Vianni Semdiro. The police arrested him on 23 September. He is responsible for numerous murders and kidnappings between 2009 and 2013. At the moment, the … Read more

MegaFon builds base stations in Ust-Luga Special Economic Zone

Megaphone – All-Russian operator of digital opportunities, operator No. 1 in Russia in terms of network coverage and mobile Internet speed, which is confirmed by independent research by the international company Ookla. The company combines IT and telecommunications areas, provides mobile and fixed communication services, mobile and broadband Internet access, digital television and OTT video … Read more

The Supreme Mufti of Russia supported the special operation and referendums in Donbass

The Supreme Mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, supported the referendums on joining Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, as well as the special operation of the Russian Federation. He stated this on September 30 in a commentary to an Izvestia correspondent. “I am very supportive and positive. Because this is the restoration of the truth, – … Read more

The Danish national team will play at the World Cup in Qatar in a special form

The Danish national team will play at the 2022 World Cup in plain jerseys in protest against human rights violations in Qatar. The unique kit was prepared by the Hummel brand, which is the technical sponsor of the national team. .

“So what? I don’t understand what’s so special about it.”

The agenda has arrived. Messages come to everyone. Now I’ll come home and go to the military registration and enlistment office. The family, of course, is going through, but what can you do now. There are few deputies who are already in Donbass, but there are still those who recently wrote these statements: the papers … Read more