Valeria Dragunova and writer Sadulaev collect medicines for NWO participants

The collection was a great success, many people responded, so Dragunova and Sadulaev had to turn in train tickets and load a car full of medicines. Now they are engaged in the purchase and shipment of medicines for the Russian military. The singer believes that she is doing a good job. .

The International Criminal Court has criticized the European Union for a plan to arrange a tribunal over Russia

According to him, the proposal to create a special tribunal, which should operate with the support of the UN, does not make sense, since the ICC is capable of investigating war crimes committed in Ukraine. Khan stressed that the ICC has already launched an investigation, but he cannot punish Russia for conducting a special operation, … Read more

American historian Kuzmarov urged the West to listen to Russia in order to avoid a big war

Federal News Agency The world is on the verge of a new “Caribbean crisis”, the only way out of which is the observance of Russia’s interests by the West. This was told by an American historian, writer and publicist Jeremy Kuzmarov. In his opinion, the United States and its allies are accustomed to acting from … Read more

Events in Ukraine by 21:00 December 6: Hungary blocked 18 billion euros for Kyiv, Zelensky visited Slovyansk

The international edition of the Federal News Agency reports on the situation in Ukraine and Donbas by the evening of December 6. Russia In the morning, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on the defeat of all designated targets as a result of a massive strike on Ukraine during December 5th. We … Read more

Russian schoolchildren sent letters to servicemen in the NVO zone

Many students wrote letters for the first time. They were assisted by teachers. The children were explained in detail how to start a message, how to address the addressee. Then all the ready-made letters from schoolchildren were sent to the special operation zone. .

Volunteers conduct cooking classes for relatives of military personnel

It all started with the fact that the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlla’s mother was supported by entrepreneurs who provided 50 loaves of bread and a package for crackers. The kids from the kindergarten, where the woman works as an educator, also joined the good deed. The children are happy to cook crackers for the defenders, cooks, … Read more

Tina Kandelaki commented on the scandalous interview of the group Little Big

Kandelaki refused to criticize the Little Big soloists, who repeatedly condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine in interviews. She only emphasized that the artists should not have talked about their homeland and compatriots like that. .

Employees of the Russian Guard thanked the Arkhangelsk schoolboy who helped the participants of the NWO

According to the boy’s mother, he made this decision after reading a story about children who raised funds to build a tank during the Great Patriotic War. The commandos arranged a tour of the military unit for Artyom and his mother and presented gifts. There he wrote a letter to the participants of the special … Read more