The authorities of the Moscow region will arrange a New Year’s holiday for the children of the mobilized

According to Vorobyov, he had conversations with the wives of officers, and at their request he had already decided to organize everything that was supposed to be for children on the New Year, including miracles and concerts. .

A rare sparrow – a harbinger of frost was noticed near St. Petersburg | public domain A rare arctic sparrow (bunting) was spotted on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Biologist Pavel Glazkov told the details. The bird flew near the village of Bolshaya Izhora. As a rule, snow buntings nest beyond the Arctic Circle. In St. Petersburg they are only in flight. These birds winter … Read more

Vorobyov urged Mishustin to involve business in the preparation of students in colleges

Two regional colleges have already received a place in the program. This allowed students to intern in large companies and get jobs while studying. In this regard, Vorobyov suggested that the government involve small and medium-sized businesses in the program, 360 TV channel reports. .

Malkevich about the shelling of the hotel by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a RIA FAN journalist

Vorobyov worked on the border of the Kharkiv region, prepared reports, saw the real state of affairs and told the truth, which was inconvenient for the Kyiv regime, Malkevich noted. .

Vorobyov visited the opening of a new building of the physics and technology lyceum in Dolgoprudny near Moscow

Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press A new elementary school building of the Kapitsa Phystech Lyceum has opened in Dolgoprudny. The event was attended by the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov, writes the TV channel “360”. Previously, the Phystech Lyceum was able to accept 600 students. Thanks to the opening of the new building, there … Read more

The party on the occasion of the end of the third season of “Mask” gathered all its participants

NTV/Prt Scr SHOW MASK The musical project “Mask” ended with a grand finale on the NTV channel on May 1. Its participants – artists and judges – celebrated the end of the third season of the show at a party after the final concert, which took place in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. The after-party was … Read more

Singer Alexei Vorobyov was hiding in a Monster costume at the Mask show

The big final concert “Masks” was shown on NTV on the evening of May 1. Four participants became contenders for victory – the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, the Bee, the Monster and the winged Dragon. First, the judges of the show decided to reveal the artist hiding in a striped insect costume. Under the mask … Read more