The Bundestag rejected the blackmail of Russia “SP-2” over Ukraine

Bundestag deputy Alexander Lambsdorf rejected the possibility of pressure on Russia by the threat of stopping the Nord Stream 2 project in the event of an “invasion” of Ukraine. According to the Oldenburger Onlinezeitung, the parliamentarian said this in an interview with the media group Funke. According to him, in this situation, negotiations are a … Read more

The head of the Munich conference announced the impossibility of stopping the SP-2

It is no longer possible to stop Nord Stream 2 – it is “too late”. For Germany, however, the project remains a bone of contention, both with Ukraine and the United States. This was stated by the head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger on Sunday, December 5, in an interview with the Hadelsblatt … Read more

The Bundestag commented on the negotiations between Germany and the United States on the SP-2

Berlin and Washington are in constant contact on the line of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation in the event that it uses energy as a weapon. The Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany informed Izvestia about this. On November 28, the Axios portal published an unofficial document – an appeal by … Read more

Handelsblatt announced the possibility of launching SP-2 without certification

Nord Stream 2 could theoretically be launched without certification, according to the Handelsblatt newspaper. Permits are issued by the Federal Network Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German edition reports that such precedents have already taken place. In particular, this is how the NEL and EGL 401 gas pipelines were put into operation, … Read more

Candidate for the post of Minister of Economy of Germany called SP-2 a non-profit project

Co-chairman of the German Green Party in Germany, Robert Habek, who was nominated as a candidate for the post of Minister of Economy of Germany, on November 25 criticized the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline for its non-commercial nature. Nord Stream 2 has never been a purely private sector project […] This is a strategic … Read more