Unidentified people killed a German tourist while trying to steal a car in South Africa

globallookpress.com/Yeshiel/XinHua Pretoria, 4 October. Mpumalanga provincial police launched a search for three criminals suspected of killing a tourist from Germany. This was reported by the Sowetan Live portal. Unidentified people stopped in broad daylight Hyundai H1 with four tourists from Germany. The incident took place on the busy Numby Road near the Kruger National Park. … Read more

A group of South African teenagers have developed a solar-powered train

Jim West/imageBROKER.com/Global Look Press Pretoria, 4 October. South African teenagers have designed a fully solar-powered train in response to the country’s energy crisis. The boys installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the train. Now the train is being tested on a closed track in the city of Soshanguv. Teenagers hope that the government will … Read more

The EU has increased the purchase of coal from South Africa despite its own statements about the dangers of non-environmentally friendly fuel

According to experts, EU leaders see the Black Continent as the only way out of the current energy crisis. Jens Hauserrepresenting the interests of the German-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the West will not be able to return to cheap Russian gas, even if the conflict in Ukraine ends tomorrow.

The first eco-trail appeared on the coast of South Baikal in Russia

unsplash.com The ecological trail “Baikalskaya Versta” appeared on the coast of South Baikal and became the first segment of the ten-kilometer hiking and cycling route “Small Ring of the BPPM”. The length of the site is 1807 meters. More than 360 people from 32 Russian regions worked to create a new holiday destination. During the … Read more

Chip output in South Korea fell for the first time since January 2018

pxhere.com Semiconductor production in South Korea in August 2022 decreased for the first time since January 2018. The volume of output of semiconductors in the country fell by 1.7% in annual terms, according to the local statistical agency. Stocks of semiconductor products at enterprises in August increased by more than 1.5 times (by 67.3%). This … Read more