In defense against an indefinite circle of persons // The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to draw up Russian sanctions lists

The presidential decree legalized individual sanctions in the legal system of Russia – prohibitions on transactions with certain individuals and legal entities to structures in Russian jurisdiction. The government will determine the list of “sanctioned” persons within ten days. Contrary to the wording of the law “On Special Economic Measures”, Russian non-sectoral sanctions are indefinite, … Read more

Salvation in the budget version // RSPP does not expect miracles from the Central Bank in saving the economy and does not offer to perform them

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) presented to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina a set of initiatives to maintain the financial stability of business in the face of sanctions. The proposals of the RSPP do not include any initiatives that look like something that will significantly change the position of … Read more

They say goodbye, but do not leave // ​​The government is looking for ways to keep the business of foreigners leaving the market in the Russian Federation

The government is considering the option of creating an institution of “accelerated bankruptcy” for foreign companies that have announced their withdrawal from the Russian market. The option discussed yesterday with Russian business associations was commented yesterday by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov. Like other initiatives, the proposal looks like an improvisation, designed now only … Read more

Computers may freeze // Electronics manufacturers will test new US sanctions

The second package of restrictions, announced by the United States on the night of February 25 in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, expanded the range of sanctioned goods. The US Department of Commerce will allow manufacturers to export consumer electronics to Russia only on the condition that they do not fall into … Read more

Brevity is the sister of content // Valeria Lebedeva on old formats and new trends in social networks

If the years were named after not Chinese animals, but companies, then 2021 would be the year of TikTok. For three years of its existence, the social network in December became the most visited resource in the world, overtaking even Google. But the Russian audience of the platform in big cities unexpectedly began to stagnate … Read more

Weather and economic changes // Russia has really become interested in the climate

Climate, decarbonization and energy transition issues have become extremely important this year for Russian political and business circles. The Russian Federation has become more actively involved in the global green agenda, while simultaneously adopting a number of legislative acts in the field of climate at the domestic level. But, according to Angelina Davydova, a permanent … Read more

Yandex will decorate the video // The company acquired the video editor Hypee

Yandex bought an application for video editing Hypee by 4spaces studio. Her team will move to the company, and the functionality of the service will be built into Yandex applications. The company needs a video editor to develop the format of short videos, which are growing in popularity, including among advertisers. According to experts, Yandex … Read more