Achievements of the people’s Abkhazia // Where the citizens of the Russian Federation spent their summer

The summer season turned out to be better for the tourist market than its participants expected. Due to the recovery in demand and rising prices, the volume of bookings in physical and monetary terms increased compared to the previous year. Abkhazia has become the most growing destination for summer travel this year, partially replacing Crimean … Read more

Fake saury surfaced in the networks // The volume of fake canned food is growing

The fall in incomes of the population provoked the growth of counterfeit canned fish, which are sold in retail in millions of cans. Some producers under the guise of expensive saury sell, for example, cheap sardines. But, despite the existing system “Mercury”, which allows to identify substitution, regulators under current regulations cannot withdraw such products … Read more

Personnel import substitution // What is happening in the market of recruitment agencies after the departure of Western companies

Since February 24, more than fifty foreign companies from various sectors of the economy have stopped working on the territory of the Russian Federation. Some of them specialized in the selection of mass personnel and top managers for the Russian market. Kommersant studied how, against the backdrop of Russia’s isolation by Western companies, its personnel … Read more

Consistency with unreasonableness

Experts state that the situation with the prosecution of concerted actions in the market is interesting: in fact, in practice, this offense is not used and to some extent is replaced by the prosecution of anti-competitive agreements, as well as the coordination of economic activities. As BGP Litigation lawyer Ilya Kozhevnikov notes, in order to … Read more

We do it because it’s absurd // Dmitry Butrin on attempts to revive non-standard privatization

Some actions of power structures sometimes look like a deliberate attempt to fall under derogatory and seemingly justified criticism, but in practice they are driven by a special kind of necessity, namely, the need to move somewhere forward, even if it looks inappropriate. One typical example is the draft government decree published last week on … Read more

Inflation and instability swallowed up mergers // M&A volume fell by 25.5% in the second quarter

In the context of geopolitical instability, inflation and high volatility in the stock market, the volume of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the second quarter fell by 25.5% to $1 trillion. According to experts, this situation will continue for some time, although the purchase of European companies may become attractive to US investors due to … Read more

You have to wait a long time for pensions in Russia // Dmitry Butrin on the news at SPIEF, which are being implemented, but not now

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is not only a platform organized for a quarter of a century (in recent years by the Roscongress Foundation) for the full-time completion of international negotiations, but also an economic conference at which the main domestic business trends are discussed. Although the annual hidden ambition of all forums … Read more

Prices are waiting for buyers // The cost of new buildings stagnates against the backdrop of a general decline in demand

Decreased in the spring dynamics of sales of new buildings is forcing developers to approach pricing more carefully. The cost of primary real estate in the markets of the largest cities is stagnating, and in some cases, developers provide discounts of 10-15%. The current situation on the market will not last long: the activity of … Read more