“The decision is ripe”: Senator Tsekov about the upcoming referendums on joining Russia

Federation Council of Russia/via Globallookpress.com The public chambers of the DPR and LPR announced the need to hold referendums on the issue of joining the republics to Russia. In conversation with FAN event commented representative of the Federation Council Sergei Tsekov. “The meaning of the appeal of the Public Chambers of the DPR and LPR, … Read more

Scholz and Macron are secretly fighting for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis

According to columnist Mujtaba Rahman, Scholz and Macron are secretly opposing the Baltic states and Poland. They want to end the Ukrainian crisis through negotiations as soon as possible, but they have to hide it. At the same time, France and Germany are unlikely to turn to open statements as long as the United States … Read more

Russia hopes for a solution to the Ukrainian conflict through negotiations

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, said he hoped for a resolution of the crisis in Ukraine through negotiations, after all the tasks of the military special operation were completed. The diplomat spoke about this in an interview with reporters. .

Where ours did not insure // The Supreme Court stood up for arbitration managers of large debtors

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) recognized the existence of a crisis situation in the field of liability insurance of arbitration managers (AI). The decision of the Supreme Court was made on a dispute about the possibility of removing the manager if he could not get additional insurance to manage the bankruptcy of … Read more

Fed keeps step // Key rate raised again by 0.75 percentage points

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) Wednesday, July 27, again raised the key rate, bringing it to the range of 2.25-2.5% per annum. As in June, the increase was “non-standard” 0.75 percentage points. Explaining his decision, the regulator, as before, referred to the rise in inflation in the United States – in June it accelerated … Read more