A defective penny coin is being sold in Samara for 3 million rubles

pxhere.com An unusual announcement was published on the Web. Samarets offers to buy a defective penny from him. For a coin, the seller asks for only 3 million rubles or a car. According to the KP-Samara online publication, the Siberian kopek coin of 1773 has a minting defect, it was soldered from two halves – … Read more

Petersburg became the leader in the number of mini-apartments sold

pxhere.com The average size of an apartment sold in St. Petersburg fell by 30.2% over the year, the federal company Etazhi reported. Experts analyzed the real estate market in large cities of Russia. The average area of ​​apartments offered for sale across the country decreased by 5.5%, to 52 square meters. Petersburg (30.2%, 49 sq. … Read more

Authorities of Zaporozhye plundered and sold 400 wagons of humanitarian aid

Zaporozhye, 31 August. The authorities of the Zaporozhye region plundered a huge amount of humanitarian aid, which was sent to Ukraine from abroad. This was announced by a freelance agent of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Evgeny Shevchenko on your Facebook page✱ (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation).

Rubin sold Haksabanovic to Celtic for 2.5 million euros

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Canadian manufacturer of reusable toilet paper sold out all products

unsplash.com Reusable organic cotton toilet paper has run out of stock at Canadian manufacturer Net Zero Company. The brand offers customers reusable rolls in two colors. Each consists of 24 pieces of fabric, which after use can not be thrown away, but washed and used again. According to the manufacturer, such “paper” is more economical … Read more