Unavailable subscribers will be found in the State Duma // Deputies proposed to modernize cellular networks to search for missing people

The deputies plan to submit to the State Duma a bill obliging mobile operators to equip all their networks with technology that allows them to determine the location of subscribers without using GPS. This is necessary to search for missing people in hard-to-reach places, for example, in the forest. Some operators are already using such … Read more

Putin instructed to prepare amendments on equipping critical infrastructure with Russian software

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare amendments that oblige to use mainly domestic software (software) to equip critical infrastructure. The order must be completed by July 1, 2022. “The government should ensure that amendments are made to the legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at establishing a mandatory requirement for the predominant use of … Read more

Rostec develops software for predicting riots

LLC National Center of Informatization (structure of Rostec) by 2022 plans to develop special software that will help predict riots and prevent their escalation, a source told Kommersant. The system, in particular, will analyze messages in the media, data from social networks and “smart” cameras. If the riots have already begun, the system will analyze … Read more

Aeroflot is finalizing software for introducing QR codes

Aeroflot is preparing to introduce QR codes confirming coronavirus vaccination. Now the company is finalizing the software. The general director of the carrier Mikhail Poluboyarinov told about this in an interview with RIA Novosti. “Getting ready. We are ready to implement all decisions that will be taken by the government. Now we are working on … Read more

Demand will be supported by incentives // Buyers of domestic IT solutions will be given a discount on income tax

Within the framework of the “second package” of measures to support the IT industry, the government has agreed on new benefits for buyers of domestic software and hardware. All of them relate to income tax – we are talking about the application of a multiplying coefficient to the costs of purchasing Russian solutions in the … Read more