The Russian authorities will compensate businesses for 80% of the cost of finalizing domestic software

He also said that special grants would be allocated, but customers should stop using foreign analogues. At the same time, the purchase, configuration and implementation of software is the responsibility of entrepreneurs. .

Mishustin urged to design their own software instead of copying the functionality of a foreign one

© / Alexander AstafievRussian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin MOSCOW, 13 Sep – Russia should strive not to recreate the functionality of foreign software, but to design its own, with an emphasis on export, while Russian inventions should not be inferior to imported counterparts, said Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. “I emphasize that it is extremely … Read more

Mishustin: the government will set deadlines for the transition of companies to Russian software

© / Dmitry AstakhovRussian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin MOSCOW, 13 Sep – Russian companies do not need to delay the transition to domestic software, since all key types of systems will be classified as critical information infrastructure objects, and the Cabinet of Ministers will set the final date for the transition to Russian software, Russian … Read more

Russia until 2024 will send 37.1 billion rubles to create domestic software

© Photo : Pexels / LucasProgrammer at work © Photo : Pexels / Lucas Programmer at work. Archive photo MOSCOW, 11 July – The Government of the Russian Federation has formed 35 industrial centers of competence (ICC) to replace foreign industry-specific digital products and solutions, 37.1 billion rubles have been allocated to co-finance the creation … Read more

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak spoke about the marketplace software for industry

The emergence of the Modular Multiservice Industrial Platform (MMPP) is expected in August 2022. How this service will help industrial enterprises solve digitalization and import substitution issues, which customer companies and suppliers are already ready to use it, and whether Russian industrial customers are ready for a subscription model of payment for software – Vasily … Read more

Developers are asked to hurry up // The IT sector was recommended to quickly occupy the vacant niches

The share of domestic software (software) in key sectors of the economy and the social sphere is now only 32%, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said in his speech at the profile session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). In his opinion, a window of opportunity has now opened for Russian developers, but … Read more

The public sector will rewrite foreign software // The government decided to count users of foreign software

By June 17, government agencies must report on the use of foreign software in their work, collecting data into a single state system. This is necessary to understand what solutions are not yet available on the Russian market. The government is also discussing the allocation of additional funding for import substitution, but experts note that … Read more

Software maker Exact exchanges Formula 1 for local community

It can still be found left and right at the head office of it service provider Exact: advertising material that CEO Paul Ramakers calls ‘leftovers from Max Verstappen’ during a short tour of the offices in Delft. “It has been a great sponsorship, but it was a conscious choice to stop,” says Ramakers. Copy to … Read more

Industrialists will be supported by digital // AI and big data are prescribed for enterprises

The share of Russian software products at Russian industrial enterprises does not exceed 25% of the number of implemented key technologies. This was announced at a conference on the digitalization of the industrial sector by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Meanwhile, it is precisely by introducing digital data with the simultaneous costly import substitution of already … Read more