‘Soft drink tax is cash cow for treasury’

The government wants to levy an extra tax of €300 million on the back of the Dutch soft drink sector. “The intended doubling of the consumption tax on all soft drinks, juices and waters from 2023 will not help against obesity and will only increase the consumer’s costs in these expensive times.” This is what … Read more

Mishustin allocates 127.5 million rubles for soft loans for backbone enterprises of the fuel and energy complex

The government allocated an additional 127.5 million rubles. for preferential loans to backbone enterprises of the fuel and energy complex (FEC). The order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Enterprises can receive a loan at a preferential rate “to maintain current activities.” This allows “to ensure the uninterrupted work of industry participants in the … Read more

“Paper money is a soft version of the official ideology” // Where and how are modernized banknotes of 100 rubles printed

Since the end of June in Russia, you can pay with a hundred rubles with a new design and security features. Every sixth banknote in circulation is represented by a face value of 100 rubles, but due to difficulties with setting up ATMs and other equipment, the updated banknote does not yet threaten to become … Read more

“It is important that companies do not feel our pressure” // Arman Shakkaliev on the soft power of antimonopoly regulation in the EAEU

How the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) looks at the state and measures to support competition in the EAEU market, why the EEC sees digital markets as one of the most promising areas of pro-competition policy, where the border between the jurisdictions of the national and union antimonopoly departments lies, and why “soft power” “sometimes more … Read more

Short-term debt // What yield do ruble bonds bring

The loose monetary policy pursued by the Bank of Russia affected not only deposit rates, but also the yields of sovereign and corporate bonds. At the same time, the decline in yields in the debt market is uneven due to the different levels of risk of issuers. Managers consider the corporate debt of issuers of … Read more

Sobyanin lowered interest rates on soft loans for the real sector and construction to 9%

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree according to which rates on soft loans for businesses will be reduced. This applies to enterprises in the real sector of the economy and the construction industry. Previously, the rates for these industries were 11% and 12% respectively, now the rate will be 9%. Rates will be reduced … Read more

US recession risk: ‘Little chance of Fed soft landing succeeding’

Petrol prices at an all-time high and consumers on their toes: The United States is also struggling with the highest inflation in decades. The central bank is going to intervene strongly. But there’s a good chance that the bank will hit the brakes so hard that a recession in the world’s largest economy is inevitable. … Read more

The government allocated 16.7 billion rubles to the Ministry of Transport. for soft loans

The Russian government allocated 16.7 billion rubles to the Ministry of Transport. subsidies from the government’s reserve fund. The funds will be used to compensate for lost income on preferential loans for transport companies. “Allocate in 2022 to the Ministry of Transport of Russia to provide subsidies from the federal budget to Russian credit organizations … Read more