Social and economic guarantees to residents of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Graphic arts

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The World Bank will give Kyiv half a billion dollars “for social needs”

Source: IMAGO/President of Ukraine/Global Look Press Kyiv, 4 October. Kyiv will receive $529.9 million from the World Bank (WB) in the form of additional financing for urgent needs. It is reported by the agency Ukrinform. The agreement on assistance was signed by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergei Marchenko and World Bank Regional Director … Read more

The Ministry of Labor presented a model of voluntary social insurance for the self-employed

The Ministry of Labor presented a model of voluntary social insurance for the self-employed. How the self-employed will take sick leave and whether the proposed scheme is convenient, Izvestia looked into it. Temporary disability benefits, according to the scheme, can reach 32.4 thousand rubles a month, and cost about 15 thousand rubles a year, that … Read more

Scientists at the University of Arkansas have announced the ability of social networks to provoke depression

Experts analyzed the medical data of 978 people aged 18 to 30 years. Participants in the study were asked to complete questionnaires to assess their psycho-emotional state, as well as tests for personality traits. According to the data obtained by scientists, the use of social networks was strongly associated with an increased risk of developing … Read more

The finalist of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia” registered in the YARUS social network

press service of Yarus The finalist of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia” in 2022, Rolan Abdzhemelov, opened his account in the YaRUS application. On the eve of the official Teacher’s Day, the computer science teacher spoke about his professional activities. The teacher works at the “Stolbovskaya school” Dzhankoy district of the Republic … Read more

Users of the YARUS social network have compiled a menu of the most unusual home-cooked dishes Cooking is one of the most popular interests among users of the YaRUS social network. By this tag you can find hundreds of affordable and interesting recipes. We have compiled a list of the most unusual dishes from YARUS users that you can cook in your home kitchen. Let’s start with salads and hot … Read more

Elon Musk said that his social networks were attacked by bots because of a poll about Crimea

Global Look Press | Kim Shiflett Well-known American businessman Elon Musk complained about the attack of bots on social networks. His post caused discontent among many Ukrainian politicians. The SpaceX CEO asked if the people of the Crimean peninsula and Donbass should decide for themselves which country to join. In the first minutes, most of … Read more

Britons post photos of energy-saving breakfast and fireplace on YouTube on social media Residents of the UK, forced to survive in the conditions of the energy crisis, began to massively show what their everyday things and activities look like now. One British woman took a picture of an electricity meter and admitted that she was now looking at him, and not at the TV screen. Another user … Read more