The CSR told why gas prices could soar in Europe now

low angle view of illuminated tower against sky at night

MOSCOW, August 17 – Prime. Restrictions on gas supplies to Europe and emergency measures to save it make the market extremely sensitive to any negative information that may affect the consumption of “blue fuel” or its supply, said Sergei Kolobanov. Last Monday, gas futures prices in Europe for the first time since the beginning of … Read more

Norwegian energy minister Osland: electricity prices will soar without Nord Stream

  © Fotolia / Marcel Schauer – Flag of Norway. Archive photo MURMANSK, July 15 – Electricity prices in Norway could seriously rise if the Nord Stream gas pipeline does not resume operation, declared Oil and Energy Minister Terje Osland in an interview with Europower. “If the gas pipeline, through which energy carriers are transported … Read more

Toshiba shares soar on rumors of a possible takeover of the company

Toshiba shares in the auction today, April 1, soared by 6.7%, after there was information about the interest in the Japanese corporation from the American Bain Capital and other private investment companies. Toshiba’s largest shareholder, Singapore-based Effissimo Capital Management, has announced that it is ready to sell its 9.9 percent stake to Bain Capital if … Read more

Shares of Virgin Galactic soar on the news of the resumption of flights

Virgin Galactic is up more than 30% amid news of a resumption of space travel ticket sales. Tickets will be available for purchase as early as February 16. The company made its first test flight on July 11, 2021, when Virgin founder Richard Branson and five other people were on board the Unity 22 spacecraft. … Read more

Electric car maker Rivian shares soar 30% on first day of trading

By the end of the first day of trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange, shares of the American electric car manufacturer Rivian Automotive soared by almost 30% in relation to the starting price. The share price at the close of trading reached $ 100.73. As a result, according to Reuters, the company’s market capitalization exceeded … Read more

Universal Music Shares Soar 42% During Opening Trading

On the first day of trading after the initial public offering on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Universal Music Group (UMG) shares soared 42% against the benchmark price of € 18.5 and traded at € 26.3 for a while. The capitalization of the entire UMG, the world’s largest record company, exceeded € 45 billion. At the … Read more

Virgin Galactic shares soar after Branson’s space flight

Shares of Virgin Galactic at the Moscow Exchange are growing by more than 7%, earlier on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange they grew by 28%. On July 11, Virgin Galactic’s Unity-22 spacecraft flew into space with company owner Richard Branson on board. According to the Moscow Exchange at 11:55 am, Virgin Galactic shares are growing … Read more