A small hydroelectric power plant was launched in the Altai Republic

pxhere.com In the Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic, a micro-hydroelectric power station was built and launched. It will provide air to a hard-to-reach alpine lake. This small hydroelectric power station is located in the village of Amur near the border with Kazakhstan, not far from the solar station and 70 kilometers from the nearest … Read more

ICR opened a criminal case on the fact of an emergency with a small vessel in the Pacific Ocean

According to investigators, on September 27, two men aboard a small vessel entered the Pacific Ocean from Saranaya Bay. They were heading to Salvation Bay, but did not appear at the appointed time. .

A drug addict mother left a small child lying on the ground in the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg

The police found out that the girl used a psychotropic substance at home. She took a one and a half year old child on the street and went towards the Farforovsky Post railway station. She could not say anything more – the girl came to her senses only after she was informed about the loss … Read more

Le Figaro: The French are offered to live at home in a down jacket and relieve a small need in the shower

In the city, as well as in the countryside, the French authorities offer fellow citizens to make efforts to save electricity. But all French people expect the leaders of municipalities or businesses to start leading by example themselves. Le Figaro named exotic ways that the authorities of some French regions offer fellow citizens in order … Read more

Stock blog: Dow Jones takes small profit, waiting for Powell

Stocks in New York opened Friday afternoon with fractional gains. Investors still seem a bit anxious on Friday for the speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at 4 p.m. The AEX is losing half a percent, with Signify as the big winner. Bond market yields remain flat. Can’t read the fair blog? then click here.

Small energy supplier PrikEnergie threatens to go bankrupt

PrikEnergie, a smaller energy supplier from Oosterhout, is in danger of going bankrupt. The company reports this to customers in a letter. “Several thousands of customers” are at risk of being duped, the company said when asked. Customers must, among other things, let us know before August 31 whether they agree to higher rates. “Eighty … Read more