Small business in poor health // The first statistical descriptions of the business results of the lockdowns of 2020 have appeared

The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, contrary to the many and varied assumptions of economists in this regard, had a predictable impact on the structure of entrepreneurship. As a study by American economists based on materials from California showed, the concentration of business sales as a result shifted towards large companies – they recovered more slowly … Read more

June did not come out with housing // Growth was interrupted in the sector of apartment buildings

In the first half of 2022, residential construction commissioned volumes grew by 44% year-on-year, to 52.6 million square meters. m. A key role in this was played by private construction. The multi-apartment building (MFB) sector grew more slowly, and in June it even showed an 8% yoy decline in volumes. This is due both to … Read more

Lenders hold cards // Banks are afraid to reduce requirements for borrowers

The credit card segment is recovering more slowly than other segments of the consumer lending market. Despite the reduction of the key rate and the passage of an acute period of crisis, banks are in no hurry to weaken the scoring in this particular segment. As a result, in May, the limit on newly issued … Read more

Divisions change little // EBRD clarifies regional forecast for the next years

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has updated the economic forecast for the region for 2022-2023. The change in the expected nature of hostilities in Ukraine from March to April, as well as new packages of sanctions against the Russian Federation, slightly worsened the forecast parameters for the entire region: it will grow … Read more

Inflation does not have its own // Prices in 2021 for the rich and the poor grew in a similar way

According to Rosstat data on consumer price indices (CPI) for various income groups in the Russian Federation in 2021, last year’s surge in inflation was relatively close to the idea of ​​social justice: for the lowest income groups, inflation was less than one percentage point higher than inflation for the highest income groups. Food inflation … Read more

Growth bankruptcies // Citizens and companies are increasingly becoming insolvent

According to the results of the second year of the pandemic, the number of personal bankruptcies in Russia almost tripled by 2019. About 200,000 Russians out of 475,000 have been declared insolvent over the entire existence of the procedure. Lawyers attribute the indicators to the growing popularity of the mechanism against the backdrop of an … Read more

Prices have been added to new buildings // Their real growth in value is lower than declared

Despite the gradual decline in demand, the statistical growth in prices for new buildings persists: over the month, their average cost in the largest cities of the country increased by 4%. But market participants warn that this dynamics is largely offset by discount programs and real prices are growing more slowly than announced. In the … Read more

“Technologies would develop, but at a slower pace” // Head of MTS AI Alexander Khanin on the role of the state for IT business

Alexander Khanin, general director of MTS AI (part of MTS), told Kommersant how state digitalization programs affect IT companies. …