In the US, annual inflation slowed for the first time since April to 8.5%

Annual inflation in the US amounted to 8.5%, being below analysts’ expectations by 0.2 percentage points, follows from the data on the website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In June, inflation in annual terms amounted to 9.1% – thus, it slowed down for the first time since April. The index for all items, … Read more

The eurozone remains in positive territory // The economy of the currency bloc is growing along with inflation

In contrast to the US economy, which shrank in size in the second quarter, the GDP of the euro area countries increased by 0.7% over this period (counting all EU states – by 0.6%). Another key indicator – inflation continued to accelerate, increasing on average across the eurozone in July to a new record – … Read more

Wage cuts did not prevent spending // Social payments and “other income” stopped the decline in household consumption

According to Rosstat, by the end of the second quarter, the rate of decline in real wages and consumption of non-food products in annual terms slowed down. Against the backdrop of declining wages (the main factor in the fall in real incomes by 0.8%), a stable labor market, the growth of social transfers and other … Read more

They didn’t fly away and sailed // Domestic tourism brought the Irkutsk region out of the price reduction trend

The Irkutsk region entered the top three regions of Russia, where annual inflation in June, contrary to the general trend for the Russian Federation, did not slow down, but accelerated by 0.24 percentage points. (up to 18.74%). In Kamchatka and Sakhalin, which are on the same list, analysts explain the acceleration of price growth rates, … Read more

China’s GDP growth slowed from 4.8% to 0.4% in the second quarter

China’s GDP in the second quarter grew by 0.4% in annual terms and decreased by 2.6% compared to the previous quarter. The figures were lower than analysts’ forecasts. In the first quarter, GDP growth was 4.8% compared to the same period last year. Growth for the first half was 2.5%. Macroeconomic indicators of China: industrial … Read more

Loan supported household consumption // Demand monitoring

The nominal volume of consumer spending on the purchase of goods and services using Sber cards from July 3 to July 10 increased by 10.7% in annual terms against 11.7% a week earlier, Sberindex records. Romir also notes similar dynamics: from July 4 to July 10, the average weekly nominal expenses of citizens decreased by … Read more

Rosstat reported on changes in consumer prices in June // Infographics

Inflation in Russia in June in annual terms slowed down to 15.9% compared to 17.1% in May. In monthly terms, Rosstat for the first time in the history of observations recorded deflation in June. It amounted to 0.35%. A significant impact on the dynamics of prices for food products in June had a reduction in … Read more

Annual inflation in Russia slowed to 16.42% over the week

Annual inflation in Russia as of June 17 was 16.42%. A week earlier, this figure was 16.69%, according to the Ministry of Economy. According to the ministry, the main contribution to the decline in prices continues to be made by cheaper food products (-0.25% per week) due to the ongoing deflation of fruits and vegetables. … Read more

Annual inflation in Russia slowed to 17.02% over the week

Annual inflation in Russia from May 28 to June 3 slowed to 17.02% compared to 17.35% a week earlier. This is reported in the report of the Ministry of Economy “On the current price situation.” Monthly inflation, according to the agency, slowed to 0.12% compared to 1.56% in April. At the same time, according to … Read more