Slovakia announced its intention to keep gas supplies from Russia contrary to the position of the EU

The CEO of Eustream, the Slovak gas transmission operator, and the president of the Slovak Gas and Oil Union, Rastislav Nyukovich, announced the need to maintain Russian gas supplies to the country, the Bratislava newspaper Pravda reports. .

Slovak Foreign Ministry summoned Russian ambassador after reports of cemetery desecration

Russian Ambassador to Bratislava Igor Bratchikov was summoned to the Slovak Foreign Ministry because of a report by the press secretary of the Russian diplomatic mission, Vitaly Zhitnyuk, about the desecration of the cemetery. Earlier, he said that in the village of Ladomirov, a bulldozer leveled the burial place of soldiers of the Russian army. … Read more

Thousands of Slovak citizens demanded the resignation of the government due to falling living standards

It is noted that thousands of Slovak residents took to the protest action. The protesters accused the ruling elite of the republic of usurping power. Citizens say the government refuses to listen to its own people. For this reason, they demand a referendum on the early resignation of the government. .

half of the citizens of Slovakia took the side of Russia in the Ukrainian conflict

Respondents were asked one question, whose victory they want to see in the end of the Ukrainian conflict. More than half of the people took the side of Moscow, a fifth of the respondents agreed with the victory of Kyiv, and 18% of people found it difficult to answer. .

The Ministry of Defense of Slovakia announced the purchase of 76 armored vehicles from Finland

According to available information, the amount of the contract is 447 million euros. It is noted that the agreement was signed during an informal meeting of the Defense Ministers of Finland and Slovakia in Prague. .

Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled a colony in Kherson, Slovakia handed over its MiG-29s to Kyiv

Aviation, missile forces and artillery hit 5 command posts, including the 108th and 65th mechanized brigades in the Vodiane (DPR) and Veselyanka (Zaporozhye region) regions, the 35th and 36th brigades of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev region , a nationalist formation in Kharkov, as well as 52 artillery … Read more

Ukrainian refugees tried to disrupt the Freedom Run in Slovakia

Ukrainian refugees tried to thwart the Freedom Ride, dedicated to the memory of Soviet soldiers-liberators of the Great Patriotic War, in the Slovak city of Banska Bystrica. This was reported on August 27 by Readovka. During the wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial to the Heroes of the Red Army, Ukrainians tried to boo the procession, … Read more

Slovakia will give Ukraine 30 armored personnel carriers BMP-1

Germany will supply 15 modern Leopard 2 tanks to Slovakia for the fact that the country will transfer 30 BMP-1 armored personnel carriers to Kyiv. This was reported by Reuters on August 23, citing Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad. “I am very pleased that Slovakia will be able to donate 30 BMP-1 vehicles and receive … Read more